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Your 21 – 24 month old – toddler development guide

Toddler swimmingYour little one is certainly growing up. And he wants to act like it too!

You might even have a fight on your hands when you try to help him out. Your almost-two-year-old will probably want to feed himself, dress himself, clean his own teeth and brush his own hair.

He’ll start to imitate adults while playing and will try to help you around the house – maybe buy him his own little dustpan and brush and put him to work!

By the time your little one is two years old she might start to put two words together. She should be able to run well and climb down the stairs while holding on to the railings. She will probably be able to stand up without using her hands and. He should be able to walk backwards and sit on a chair at the table.

But he’s not grown up yet – there is probably one more major hurdle before your toddler becomes a little person … toilet training!

How is your toddler going?


At this age your toddler still needs about 11-14 hours of sleep each day – including at least one daytime nap.



Indulge in your baby’s love of make believe by helping her play role-play and imitation games. You can buy toy versions of adult household items (like kitchen utensils, phones, garden tools) but your little one will probably be happy with imaginary props or the actual adult items (provided they are safe).

Help your little one have a tea party with her teddies or water her imaginary garden. Give her some items from your cupboard so she can play dress ups.

Toilet training

Some toddlers will already be starting to show signs they are ready to start toilet training. At this age, though, they are still quite young – so don’t be concerned if your toddler is not at all interested. It is far better to wait until your child is ready or else the process can become long, messy and frustrating. A child must be physically ready – able to take pants off, can climb onto the toilet seat – as well as emotionally ready – they want to go to the toilet, want to be a ‘big kid’ etc. Read our article on signs that your toddler is ready for toilet training for more information and advice.

If you have a toddler that is already well and truly ready you might be more interested to read our ultimate guide to toilet training.

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How are you going?

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3 things to do when you’ve got a 21-24 month old

Please note: All children are different, these are generic guides and aren’t a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your health care provider.

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