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Why Erin Molan’s new baby singlet is a gamechanger

Erin Molan Singlet Shoot

I knew literally one thing about caring for babies before I had my own.

It was said to me every time I was given the glorious opportunity to hold a newborn. ‘Support the neck!’ they’d tell me, over and over again like it was the single most important aspect of parenting.

Fast forward to the day my son was born. I was physically and mentally drained. Shaking with exhaustion. Handed this tiny, fragile, new life.

And then I was asked to lift up his wobbly, little head and slide the tiniest singlet I’ve ever seen over it without breaking him!

He cried. I cried.

I’d been a parent for an hour, I felt like a failure already.

Fast forward another 10 years and I’m learning about a new singlet invented by none other than the already-amazing Erin Molan. This singlet has buttons. You literally lie your baby on top and button it up.

It’s genius.

I’m having feelings similar to the first time I bought luggage with wheels. How did nobody think to do this until now?

Erin’s story is not dissimilar to mine. Her own daughter Eliza also hated being dressed in conventional singlets.

“From the day she was born — she and we HATED putting conventional singlets on her,” Erin says.

“She would be perfectly settled and the second we’d try and bend her bloody arms back and then pull the tight neck over her head she’d absolutely lose it.

“I started looking online for singlets that opened up so you could lie them flat and just wrap bubba up — but they didn’t exist anywhere. I reached out to multiple other mums and dads and every single one shared the exact same frustrations. There are government guidelines on ‘how to dress your newborn’ and one of the main ones is ‘not to let singlets touch the babies face as you put them on as babies can get very upset by clothes scraping their faces’ — I can guarantee you it isn’t possible to put a conventional singlet on a baby without it touching their face!”

Erin Molan Singlet Shoot

So Erin decided to design and patent her own. The By Erin range is based on a simple concept — a singlet with 3 or 4 buttons down the front. It lays open — put bubba on top — and button it up! There is also a bodysuit version.

They’re the easiest baby singlets in the world plus they’re 100 per cent cotton and bamboo.

“It’s been two years in the making,” Erin says.

“I teamed up with the midwife who helped deliver Eliza (she has a little online baby wear business). She sees first-time parents struggle every day with dressing their newborns in singlets.

“The reaction has been incredible. They have been described as ‘genius’ and a ‘game changer’ (no — not by me!). We put them online and in the first 24 hours had sold 250 units! We also have premmie-specific singlets that have even more access so parents can navigate oxygen and cords.”


“No tears, so easy to pop on and so soft!” — TV presenter Charli Robinson

“The fit is so so so good! I can’t say enough great things about these singlets!! They are a game changer!!!”  — sports presenter Sam Squires


With an already-busy schedule Erin says she wasn’t really looking for more things to do but that’s just how things have worked out!

“I already have a couple of fairly intense jobs — my motivation in all of this is a genuine desire to make life that little bit easier for parents during those wonderful — yet bloody hard — first few weeks/months of bubba’s life,” she says.

“We also donate a portion of each sale to four very worthy charities — Bowel Cancer Australia, Tresillian, Syd2Cam and Dreams2live4.”


This blog post is sponsored by the By Erin range of baby singlets


The By Erin range takes all the hassle out of dressing your bub! No more tears or tantrums, no more ‘over the head’ or ‘bending the arms back’. The easiest baby singlets in the world! 100% cotton and Bamboo… so soft! Spoil your baby… and yourselves!

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