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Why children should be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think

Teach a child how to think, rather than what to thinkOur reality is in constant change, expanding and developing as new devices and programs are coming at us left, right and center. Even the elderly can’t get away with not knowing how to connect with the Internet these days.

Within the educational system, we are finding the old methods of learning don’t hold water anymore. This is partly because if a student takes a one or two-year course using a particular computer program, they will usually find that by the time they’ve finished the course, the program is outdated. So learning to how to learn in this instant is a must.

Also, the old method of “what I say goes, and will forever be” produces adults that follow rules, but do not employ the initiative required to create more for their lives.

We need to broaden our teaching methods and encourage our children to be creative and see outside the box. We must teach them how to think for themselves so that they can expand their reality and negotiate problems more quickly and easily.

Why children should be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think

Taking the reins

Being taught what to think will keep our next generation in a confined state of awareness and creativity, being always reliant on outside advice before they act. Thus, we will create a generation of adults who are unable to pick up the reins of life and be fully responsible for their actions. In this state, they will become a generation in danger of being manipulated and controlled.

Being taught HOW to think as opposed to WHAT to think makes these students fully responsible for what they learn. Not being reliant on waiting for the latest information will give them the freedom and the ability to expand and grow as they want. They will be encouraged to use their initiative to seek answers rather than having them delivered.

A new class

Imagine a classroom where a child has a chance to choose any topic they wanted to learn, and the tools to seek as much information as they need, while simultaneously learning to use the internet.

They would be encouraged to try new things out for themselves, they would learn about where their choices take them, and they would be able to cross reference with the knowledge of other students. By encouraging children to research their own information rather than blindly following, we will be bringing up children who have learned to think autonomously.

The world is their oyster

I recently had to learn a whole new topic – how to make my book into an eBook. Now, I could have gone to a course and been taught the subject, but I would have had to wait till one opened up, then applied and paid for it. That’s not to say this isn’t a good idea, but my particular time constraints meant I had to find another way or give up. So I decided to take the reins and teach myself.

I went onto the Internet and found many YouTube videos and tutorials that led me up the garden path. Eventually I found those that I could trust and which provided me with the information I needed.

During this challenge, I not only learned how to create more eBooks, but also what sort of tutorials I could trust and where to find them. I also learned that the internet doesn’t always yield the truth, nor is it the only avenue through which to glean new information. I learned to ask others for help. Therefore I was learning to trust not only others but also myself and my intuition.

So – to teach our children to learn for themselves the WORLD is their oyster – not just a classroom.

Humanity deserves more

If we are only taught to blindly follow, we will never expand as humanity should. We will only be programmed into what others want us to think, thereby giving away our strength as the powerful creative individuals we deserve to be. Teaching our children how to teach themselves may do much more than simply helping them – It could shift us all into a whole other way of thinking.

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