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Who’s afraid of the big bad needle?

needleless injectorsNeedles. The ‘pointy, stabby, jabby, sticks of doom’, as I oh so affectionately called them when I was little (or maybe I still do). I’ve yet to meet – or even hear about – any person on earth that likes getting needles. I’m fairly certain that person doesn’t exist.

So why haven’t we thought up some magical way to get the contents of needles into us, without being poked like a pin cushion? I mean seriously, we were supposed to have hover-boards by now too…

Anyway, the future is here!

A new needleless syringe that gets the contents into your body without sticking you where it hurts – the Biojector 2000 from Meditrend and Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. (it even sounds futuristic, but apparently the US military has been using this technology for years).

This new injector has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and is now being offered to Australian doctors – many of whom deal with young children needing immunisation, and adults who are trying to manage long-term pain.

Also, with the rise of couples using IVF, the use of this needle would make treatments less stressful and painful.

So how does it work?

It is a single-use, needleless syringe that clips into a handheld, gas powered injector.  The injector forces the contents through a tiny hole at the end of the syringe as it is pressed firmly against the skin. A very fine, high-pressure stream of medication penetrates the skin and deposits the contents under the skin.

Doctors can either inject the contents into the muscle, into the fat layer below the skin, or into the skin itself by using certain sizes of syringe.

The cost for a patient to choose the needleless option wouldn’t be much different to traditional methods to cover the cost incurred for doctors to obtain the needle-free syringe.

Hopefully by the time you need your next injection, the Biojector will be available at your doctor’s office! So say goodbye to needle-phobia!

Check out their website for more info.

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