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Who is the ‘Sugar Bandit’ in your family?

The Sugar Bandit Australian Dental AssociationDo you have a Sugar Bandit in your family?

Is there someone who, despite all your efforts to give your kids a healthy diet, slips them junk food when you’re not looking? Or sometimes even when you are?

Do your kids have a well-meaning nanna who loves to spoil them with ice-creams, a great-grandfather who keeps lollies in his pocket or a favourite auntie who offers them chocolate every time they fall over and hurt themselves? Do they fall over a lot more than usual when she visits?

There’s a Sugar Bandit in most families and they certainly don’t mean any harm – in fact, quite the opposite. They love your children and they love to see them happy!

But, are they literally spoiling them rotten?

This Dental Health Week (August 4-10), the Australian Dental Association wants you to dob in your family’s Sugar Bandit.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek campaign but there’s a serious message behind it.

The reality is that almost 50 per cent of Aussie children under six have tooth decay, a disease that can result in pain, the removal of teeth, bad breath and a host of other problems.

It is a disease that can be prevented by brushing and flossing, eating a balanced diet and making sure sugary treats are not eaten too frequently.

And while a growing number of Aussie parents are making better choices for their children – it is the other people in their lives who are still contributing to the problem, teaching them that junk food is a reward or can make you feel better when you’re hurting.

How about a hug instead? It won’t rot your teeth!


This blog post is sponsored by the Australian Dental Association.

During Dental Health Week, which runs from August 4-10, head to the Australian Dental Association Facebook page to dob in your family’s Sugar Bandit and learn more about good oral hygiene for your family.

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