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Who is starting school in 2013?

Who is starting school In 2013? Did you put your hand up?

This post is for parents of children starting school in 2013. I’d like to help parents as they make their way towards the world of school with their children for the very first time.

In my rounds of reading on-line I see that many parents (I admit it, mostly mothers!) are starting to feel the first pangs of sadness for this major change in their children’s lives. Does this ring a bell? I had to use a school analogy didn’t I?

Back to this topic….

It is a huge transition from the first place of care and love – your home – to wherever your child goes after that most days.

For some parents the first transition with their children may have been to family day care, grandparents’ homes, long day care, pre-school and early childhood centres.

Do you recall how that transition felt? It is both a sad/glad time for many.

None of us would want to see children who cannot bear to leave their families.

However, once a child turns 6 in Australia the law requires that schooling be commenced.

If you have chosen to home-school or unschool your children then the transition period will not be anything like the more common one of starting school.

Prep or Kindergarten Orientation Days will be held, or have been held right up to December of the year before a child starts.

What can you expect when you start school as a parent?

*Visiting the School – for both parents and child(ren) both formally once invited or informally as you walk past or attend a school fete and the like.

*Having a morning or two in a class of Kindergarten or Prep or Year 1 children who are getting ready for school in 2013.

*Sitting in a School Assembly Hall – parents, and wondering “is my child still crying?” after you’d left him/her with the teachers.

*Sitting in a School Assembly Hall hearing the school principal and/or deputy principal speak about so many things at once, your mind is a blur.

*Suddenly feeling like you are “back in school” as a school-aged person, listening to the Assembly, and then catching yourself, and remember, “Oh, I am the parent now.”

*Being someone who needs to join the school community at the level you are comfortable with. Do some watching first to see how this school community works. Read the online newsletters too.

*Take the time to read all of the school’s documentation. I know it can be hard when you find yourself busy but it’s worth it. Your child will benefit from this.

*Making diary and calendar notes once Orientation Days are over. Then you will know what the uniform is, where to buy it, when the uniform shop is open over the coming school holidays and when your child actually enrols.

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  1. We missed the Prep Orientation Day (because were a little undecided on “which school” to send my son to. One involved us moving to another area which we decided not to after I had a little tour of the school I have chosen. I must say I do feel a little apprehensive about my little man starting school as I feel like there is so much more I still don’t know about the school and he won’t have any friends there as he was going to preschool in the area we “thought” we would live in !! Anyway, thanks for the post are so right it feels like I am about to “go back to school”…yikes !

    • I am sorry to be so late here…but I know that you are right now..and so pleased that it WILL work out…you know what…it always does. Denyse

    • I guess none of us ever ‘quite ready’ but it will surprise you once the year starts at school. Good luck…and you can always pop over to the blog if you want to see more about starting school. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks for your comment, I hope you can keep the tears till the school child has started. If you can’t you won’t be alone! All the best,



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