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When will my baby start teething?

Baby with two new front teethTeething can vary quite a bit from baby to baby and still be completely normal.

Some babies may sprout their first little toothy peg when they’re just four months old while others are still all-gums on their first birthday. Some babies are even born with teeth already through! All is completely normal.

In general though, the first teeth do arrive for most babies sometime between 4 and 7 months. You might notice some extra drool, general fussiness and extra wakings during this time – or you might not, as teething symptoms can vary from child to child as well.

Teeth generally appear in a certain order, one set at a time.

Baby teeth – order of appearance

  • The first teeth to make an appearance are usually (but not always) the bottom two at the front (central incisors), usually one at a time but a few days or weeks apart.
  • The next two are the top front central incisors.
  • These are followed by the top two lateral incisors on each side of the top front central incisors.
  • Next is back down the bottom for the bottom lateral incisors.
  • Then the first molars appears
  • Followed by the canines (the pointy ons!).
  • Last are the four second molars.

By age three your child should have all 20 baby teeth and by age six they will likely start to lose them to make way for their adult teeth.

Here’s a handy chart to see when teeth are likely to appear and in what order …

Baby tooth eruption chart

Teething chart - tooth eruption

written with information supplied by the Australian Dental Association


NOTE: This article is not intended to replace actual medical advice. If you’re concerned about an aspect of your child’s health and development contact your health care provider.

Image credit: hannamariah/123RF Stock Photo

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One comment so far -

  1. You can look for these symptoms to know your baby is teething or not.

    Fussier behaviour than usual
    Soreness and swelling in gums
    Biting fingers and toys to help relieve pain in gums
    Drooling and sucking
    Rashes on chin, face or chest
    Decreased appetite with mild temperature
    Wakefulness and irritability

    You can use teething massagers to relieve your baby from teething pain.



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