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When in doubt, always check the freezer…

babybrainhumour-kitchenThe kitchen is always a great source of baby brain entertainment. It seems that when a mum walks through the kitchen door the brain momentarily puts its feet up for a rest and all manner of crazy things happen.

Below are a few great stories shared by members of our Baby Brain Humour Facebook community.  And as a fellow mum always says to me “You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!”

I definitely haven’t been able to escape the ‘kitchen curse’. I recently had an unfortunate run in with microwave – a kitchen appliance which regularly features in baby brain stories. I put the steriliser in the microwave and (supposedly) selected ‘6-0-0’ as I always do. It wasn’t until hubby came into the nursery and said “honey how long should the steriliser be on for? As it currently says it’s got 42 minutes left and it’s been going for some time”.  Seems the culprit was the ‘0’ – what should have been 6 minutes suddenly became 60 minutes with a simple lingering of the finger.  R.I.P oh faithful steriliser.

Melanie also succumbed to the treacheries of the microwave. “I had trouble sleeping a few nights ago, so I got up and decided to wash some of Taine’s rattles etc… At 2am, lol… Amongst them was a cooling teething ring filled with gel. Into the steam steriliser they all went… For 4 minutes… I proceeded to watch TV until I heard this loud explosion, YES the gel in the teething ring exploded, blowing the lid off the steriliser and all through the microwave. Fun times!!!”

And then there was Sally who provided the family some evening entertainment. “The family are all set to watch a movie and I’m on popcorn duty. So I’ve turned on the microwave and standing there for a few seconds waiting for the popping to begin. I turn to my daughter and say “I wonder why it’s not popping yet?” I get a gentle tap on my shoulder from my partner… I turn to see him holding up the packet of popcorn which I have yet to put in the microwave. Doh!”

As a result of the next baby brain post, Georgia and I are seriously in discussions about a new coffee flavour for mums…  “Accidentally put wine in my coffee the other day (lives in the fridge door next to the milk) and yes…I tried it. Wasn’t bad. Could’ve done without the sugar…and coffee.”

I thought I’d end with this great post from a friend of Deena’s. The story goes like this: The Husband opens the kitchen cupboard where the plates usually are but it is almost completely empty so he checks the dishwasher – also empty. He then proceeds to ask his wife where the dishes are to which she responds that she had emptied the dishwasher last night. So the husband shows her the empty cupboard. They both then turn to the fridge and the husband opens the door… there are all the clean dishes stacked neatly in the fridge. Bless – his wife had unloaded the dishes and stacked them into the fridge.

So until next time – remember if you accidentally place things in the fridge or freezer at least they’ll be nicely chilled.

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