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5 things teachers REALLY want for Christmas

Ideas for end of year presents for teachersI’m a teacher, but now that I’m a parent and a blogger as well, all I see everywhere is ideas for things to give a child’s teacher.

It got me thinking – so I took to the streets (and by that I mean Facebook) and asked teachers what they would really like for Christmas from their students.

Their answers might surprise you …

5 things teachers REALLY want for Christmas


The most popular answer was alcohol – please don’t be offended by that. Teachers work long and hard, just like everyone else. They are human too – just like everyone else! It’s not because they need to drown their sorrows in some heavy brew after teaching your child, or that they are super-stressed after facing masses of children all day, every day. OK, it MIGHT be some of those things, but generally, most people like a good drop of wine. Even teachers!

A donation to charity

Some teachers commented that they didn’t like getting gifts. They would prefer that a gift was donated to charity instead. I do know some schools ask that parents do this, rather than providing a gift for teachers. It’s a good idea, and if you want to do it there are some cute ways to go about it. Personally though, I like the extra touch of a gift, even if it’s tiny. Which leads me to my next one …

Christmas ornaments

I’ve gotten some gorgeous ornaments from children in my time. Some hand-painted! It’s a beautiful idea and something that won’t go to waste!

Something personal

By personal, I don’t mean socks and jocks. But something that is helpful. It can say, “I know you work hard and so here is an offer to help you relax”. I remember receiving a gorgeous bath set one year and I really appreciated it!


It always goes a long way too!

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  1. As a teacher, I appreciated gift cards to grocery or other store. I was so busy and also spent my money on student’s snacks and school supplies, so it was wonderful to get extra “cash” gift cards to spend for just me.



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