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What can I find for my kids in a second-hand shop?

GumtreeNo matter which way you look at it, having children is expensive. From nappies to braces, a larger family car, to textbooks and everything in between. We can scrimp and save, search online for deals, wait for EOFY year sales, but no matter what, money is spent.

Have you ever considered an alternative to buying kids items new? Second-hand stores can really save your hard-earned money, without necessarily compromising on quality. In fact, you can probably buy a name brand for the price of a store brand, if you shop smart.

Not everything is a good buy second-hand (like car seats), but some things are ideal. For example, think about how quickly your child outgrows those new shoes. Instead of shelling out for a new pair every few months, take your gently used ones to the second-hand store and ‘trade’ them in for store credit or a bigger size.

Many second-hand stores offer great deals if you are willing to exchange items for store credit. So whether you are shopping for kids clothing for sale at Gumtree or used tubas, never underestimate the value of spending a little time in your local second-hand shop.

Here is a quick list of the best kids’ items to shop for in a second-hand store …

Best kids’ items to buy second-hand


Again, how quickly can children outgrow those clothes and shoes you just bought for them? Some of the items may have a little wear and tear, but almost everything can be cleaned. And minor repairs such as missing buttons are no big deal, when you consider the savings.


What child does not have a pile of toys they never touch? If you have a tight budget for birthdays or holidays, your dollar will certainly go further at a second-hand store.


Some of the most expensive items in any room of the house are the pieces of furniture. Often, you can find great deals on a cot or rocking chair if you are willing to give it a new coat of paint.

Sports equipment

The only word of caution regarding sports equipment is to avoid any safety equipment that shows any hint of damage. That bicycle helmet may look like a great deal but if it has already been through one crash, the compromised integrity just isn’t worth the savings.


Absolutely! As a graduation present, take your former third grader’s old books, DVDs, or CDs to contribute and come away with a stack of new goodies for your brand-new fourth grader.

Musical instruments

If you have ever shopped for one of these, you know just how expensive they can be. But with thorough disinfecting, you can usually get amazing deals on used instruments.

Another great point about shopping second hand is that the merchandise constantly changes. There are other folks are just like you, in need of swapping out the clothes or items their kids have outgrown.

While some department stores seem to have the same items from week to week, a thrift store can have new stock every day.


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