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What are your Christmas traditions?

I always feel a little lost this time of year.

Everyone is buzzing, there are parties, family gathering, and people everywhere rolling out their own unique family traditions… those quirky things that make your Christmas special.

But, being far from my own family, Christmas always brings with it an unsettled sense of displacement for me.

Without roots here, the day is automatically spent with my husband’s family – doing what they do. It’s lovely and it’s great for the kids, but it’s simply not my own.

And it’s not just the weather that doesn’t make sense (though, I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the lack of frozen extremities!) but also the family niceties … those little (but very important) things that you need to grow up with for them to have any meaning.

All that doesn’t really matter, but for the fact as my own children are starting to truly grasp the excitement of Christmas, my own traditions are becoming less tangible every year, as I gradually become absorbed into the strange world of someone else’s occasion.

So is it possible to begin your own new family traditions, all the while trying to respect those already around you?

And how do I make sure my children and I have traditions of our own to remember and treasure?

Do the Bubhub-ers have any advice for a Pom on how to feel a little more at home, at this time of year?!

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  1. As a fellow pom, I know what you mean. 12 years on, I just kind of go with the Aussie flow and eat prawns (not turkey) and accept that it’s going to be hot weather! We’ve also spent a couple of Christmases with other families from the Northern Hemisphere so that the kids could enjoy a UK style christmas day.

    We have also had a Christmas Day at our house – with my parents-in-law, but where I decided on the format of the day and they had turkey and opened the presents in the way that I always did with my family. So maybe you can make one year an aussie christmas and the next year at christmas for you (the same as you would if both you and your partner’s parents lived in the same country and you alternated between them every year).

    Have a great Christmas and just enjoy the warmth!!!!



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