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We had no TV for a month … and survived

We had no TV for a month and survived.

The Toddler isn’t quite old enough to lie yet so when we asked him ‘who broke the TV?’ he raised his hand. Not to own up, more to blame it.

“My hand …” he said then rummaged through the toybox until he found the small yellow book that, in combination with the accused hand, had committed the terrible crime. But was it really that terrible?

Turns out we didn’t miss it. In fact, we rather enjoyed the peace that its absence brought to our household. No morning television to infect my brain with useless celebrity ‘news’ and increasingly ridiculous infomercials (pyjama jeans? really?). No reality television or US sitcom acting as background noise at night. And no kids’ tv themesongs on rotation in my head.

We even missed the Olympics.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do like television. And our insurance company has now sent us a replacement. But after a month of silence we’re far more aware of how unnecessary it is. We don’t just switch it on out of habit and we’re now far more likely to keep it off at night while we read a book on the couch, play some Words With Friends or just talk … I know! Talk. Weird huh?

So, the TV stays (and sometimes stays off).

But that small yellow book has got to go!

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  1. TJ doesn’t watch TV. By that I mean he rarely sees it on. We watch it after he is in bed – old habits die hard! I turn it on occasionally – maybe once or twice a month – when I’m doing dinner and I can find an animal show or some such thing. He doesn’t know the night garden, or any of the other ‘kids’ programmes. Really, what is there for? He keeps himself amused with his toys and books and we talk to each other a lot. He even helps with dinner sometimes.
    TV is there for our entertainment, not to re-programme us. We have it off at the power switch so he can’t turn it on – works a treat (but then he is only 2.5yrs old). Fortunately when he gets older I don’t think it will be his main form of entertainment, he has learnt there is too much fun in his room – out of mums sight! 🙂

  2. Yes, I remember that mini-drama you shared a few weeks back. My toddler asks for the TV without fail every single day. Maybe we need to have our TV broken too to learn that life without TV is still ok (don’t think my hubs would favour the idea, though :P)



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