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Water bottle Christmas craft

A boy drinks from a Frosty the snowman that he made from a water bottleMy boys and I have been having fun dressing a basic water bottle into various Christmas looks this season.

We’ve made Frosty the Snowman, a reindeer, Santa Claus and an angel – all with just a basic water bottle and simple craft supplies.

It is a great Christmas tradition to start with the kids.

Here is how to to it.

Check out the results …

Water Bottle Reindeer

What you need

Water bottle, red lid, brown paper, sticky tape, googly eyes, craft glue and red pipe cleaner.


Cut brown paper into antler shapes and stick to bottle with sticky tape. Stick eyes with glue. Make the pipe cleaner into a spiral formation and stick to the top of the water bottle to form Rudolph’s nose (a pom pom could be used instead).

Water Bottle Christmas Angel

Water Bottle Christmas Angel

What you need

Water bottle, paper plate/doily, tape and pipe cleaner.


To make angel wings, cut quarter out of paper plate, as well as a hole the size of the bottle top in the centre of the plate. Cut a slit on the opposite side of the plate (to where the quarter has been cut out), leaving approximately 1.5cm of the plate intact.

Slip cut out plate over bottle top, and tape into place so that it forms angel wings (you will have to overlap the back of the plate at the slit). Bend pipe cleaner to make halo shape, and tape to back of angel wings.

Water Bottle Santa

What you need

Water bottle, white lid, red paper, paper plate/ white paper, googly eyes and craft glue.


Making Santa’s hat is similar to the instructions for making the angel wings above – cut the red paper into a circle and cut out a section of approximately 1/6th of the plate. Cut hole in the centre of the circle the size of the water bottle lid and cut a slit on the intact piece of paper (opposite the section that has been cut out) leaving approximately 1.5cm intact.

Water Bottle Santa

Slip cut-out red paper over water bottle lid, and tape so that the hole in the centre of the paper is at the bottom of the water bottle’s existing lid (you will have to overlap the back of the paper at the slit). Glue a white strip of paper to the bottom of the hat to form trimming. Cut Santa’s face and beard out of the paper plate (leaving extra room on top of Santa’s forehead to stick underneath the hat). Stick on googly eyes on Santa’s face. Put glue at the top of Santa’s forehead and stick underneath Santa’s hat.

Frosty the Snowman

What you need

Water bottle with frozen water, black lid, googly eyes, craft glue, orange pipe cleaner, 2 x red pipe cleaners.


Glue eyes to water bottle. Cut orange pipe cleaner to form a nose and stick to water bottle with glue. Twist two red pipe cleaners together to form a longer pipe cleaner. Wrap around Frosty’s neck and twist to form the knot of a scarf.


And if these look like too much work, you can always pretend a red and white striped straw is a candy cane.



Check out more fantastic Christmas ideas in our Christmas Hub!

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