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Top 7 electric breast pumps

top 7 electric breast pumpsI had an electric breast pump … for one day.

In a sleep-deprived haze I failed to read the first instruction – DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER – and I did just that after the first use. So it was “goodbye hundreds of dollars” and “hello manual breast pump” (thankfully it could be used as both!).

So I am clearly no expert on electric breast pumps. Although I am better informed than my younger brother, who (about 20 years ago) began giggling uncontrollably while reading the local newspaper classifieds. The source of his giggle? For sale ads for breast pumps, which in his adolescent mind were like bike pumps but for boobs!

What was I talking about …?

Oh right. Breast pumps … electric ones … it is coming back to me now.

Here are the Top 7 Electric Breast Pumps as voted by you in the Bub Hub product reviews section.

1. Medela Mini Electric

Medela Mini electric“The Medela mini eletric breast pump is fantastic. I used a manual breast pump for my first and it was so slow compared to this. It makes expressing so easy and quick. You can express anywhere. I tell everyone this is the one to get.” – Mel Dutney

“When i had my first daughter she was in NICU so i had to purchase an electric breast pump. I used it for 3 weeks solid every 4 hours and it was amazing! It had very good suction and i could fill a bottle in less than ten minutes with it.” – jes

2. Unimom Allegro Portable Breastpump

unimom allegro“Buying the Unimom Allegro was the best thing I did to prepare to return to work. It is incredibly light and small and so easy to carry with me to and from work (…) for a fraction of the cost of other portable electric breast pumps!” – EvilWombatQueen

Highly recommended breastpump!  Been searching for a portable breast pump since I will be returning to work soon and I stumbled upon the Allegro.  Have been using it for a month now and all I can say is that this is a really good dependable pump – not to mention affordable!  Kudos to Unimom!” –  Mabs

3. Medela Electric Swing

medela electric swing“This is the only breast pump worth buying! I love it. I tried other brands and there is no comparison. Quick, quiet, easy, portable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a breast pump.” – Popstar

“The Swing is by far my favourite ~ I use it every day and have done for 9 months now.  It is cheaper to buy than hiring one for months on end. I truly bless this pump everytime I use it, and wish I’d not stuffed around hiring and trying other pumps for so long.” – BaronessM

4. Unimom Forte

unimom forte“One of the strongest on the market for a fraction of the cost! Suction is adjustable so it’s also super comfortable! One of the best purchases since my daughter was born!” –Crystal

“What a life saver.  With premmie twins in special care, breast milk was like liquid gold and this pump was divine.  A great price, very quiet and great suction … Buyers would not be disappointed.” – Linda Douglas

5. Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade Breast Pump

spectra dew“I love it … it’s a bargain, works wonderfully and it’s super quick! Exactly what every mum wants in a breast pump.” – BeginnerMummy

I would happily buy this pump as a permanent at home system. It is great for fulltime pumping.” – Killy

6. Cherub Baby Natriflow Dual Electric Breastpump

cherub baby natriflow

“Reliable, quiet, easy to use  and very comfortable, works as a single and dual pump … I HIGHLY recommend this pump as its fantastic value for money and works seamlessly.” – chubbybubbywubby

 “It’s very quiet, suction is good and because of the double express function, I can express more milk in less time. It’s great for travelling as well… Very happy with the purchase and I highly recommend it to other new parents out there.” – m_jenna525

7. Medela Symphony

Medela symphony“It is awesome if you are going to be expressing full time as it mimics the babies sucking pattern. You also have the option to double pump which saves so much time. Really easy to use, well worth the extra cost.” – 1BabyMama

“This is one great pump, its easy to use and as its a double its a time saver, the pumping is easy on you and it sucks just like a baby … its a very fast and efficient pump.” – guest reviewer


Do you agree with these reviews? Is your favourite brand included? 

If you haven’t added your review you can visit our Parents Review Section now to have your say!!

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