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Unique names are in! Top 100 baby names in Australia in 2013

Top 100 baby names Australia 2013 Aussie parents are choosing less common names for their new babies.

The Top 100 Baby Names in Australia has been released  and while popular names such as Charlotte and Oliver have topped the list – there was a drop in the number of babies who were given a top 20 name.

According to McCrindle, who compile the list each year, only 26,788 baby girls and 28,198 baby boys were given Top 20 names in 2013—down from 28,301 baby girls and 29,083 baby boys in 2012.

Baby boys are more likely to be given a common name than baby girls.

New names to make the Top 100 this year include: Penelope (81), Ayla (87), Harriet (89), Daisy (90), Elsie (91), Indie (94), Pippa (95), Indigo (96), Nevaeh (97), Peyton (98) and Ariana (100) for girls and Louis (74), Nathaniel (79), Felix (86), Jett (91), Aaron (94), and Seth (96), Lewis (97) and Parker (98) for boys.

The birth of Prince George (George Alexander Louis) in July 2013 influenced Aussie parents with the name jumping from 71 in 2012 to 60 in 2013 – its highest ranking since the 1970s.

The complete list of Top 100 Baby Names in Australia in 2013

Top 100 girls names Australia 2013

Top 100 boys names Australia 2013

Also available – the Top 100 Baby Names in 2012

Information supplied by McCrindle

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7 comments so far -

  1. Neither of my girls names are listed! Marysa & Meikah. Very happy about that, as we wanted names that were not often heard 🙂

    • Hi – yes, sorry! Does sound a bit confusing but basically there were less kids with top 20 names than in previous years. Parents in 2013 were more varied in their name choice, compared to 2012 when more parents gathered around the top 20 names.

  2. My first born son whose almost 5 yo is called Karl. It really suits his strong confident personality. I didn’t think it was that unusual but hasn’t made the list and I’m happy with that. His name is classic but cleat not common. My second son whose 3 is Max, he’s on the list and it’s quite a common name but that’s not a worry either. It’s actually Maximus and we call him that quite often too.

    • Hi Dee – Thanks for your comment! Good question – what we meant is that less children born last year were given top 20 names (compared to the year before) as parents are starting to be more diverse, especially with the girls names. So while the top 100 names are still the most popular, a growing number of parents are choosing unique or different names that aren’t in the Top 100.



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