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Top 10 beauty fixes for new mums

beautytipsIf you’re a new mum, you’ll be well familiar with the fact that a tiny person is now taking up the time you used to spend sleeping, eating, bathing, relaxing, exercising – and everything else you might have done in between. Quick and easy has become a must, and you’ve definitely mastered the art of doing most tasks with one hand.

We’d like to share some fast tips and tricks to simplify your beauty routine and help you look bright eyed and beautiful – even if you feel anything but.

10 smart time-savers for mums on the run

  1. Do you fall into bed exhausted each night? Keep cleansing wipes by your bed so you can remove dirt and make-up with one quick wipe.
  2. Sick of dry, scaly skin but don’t have time to moisturise? Opt for a spray on or in-shower body lotion.
  3. Dry shampoo was practically invented for time-poor mums. Not only will it help extend the time between hair washes, but dry shampoo also adds texture and will give flat hair a bit of a boost – bonus!
  4. While you might be struggling to keep your eyes open, you can fake bright-looking eyes with eyeliner. Simply line your waterline (the inner lash line) with a white eyeliner and it will create the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.
  5. Your skin suffers the most when you’re tired, so you’ll definitely need a BB Cream in your beauty arsenal. It provides natural-looking coverage, instantly evens your skin tone and increases radiance, and has long-term skin care benefits, too.
  6. Applying a gradual-tanner doesn’t require nearly as much time or effort as an instant self-tanner, so it can almost be done with your eyes closed (if you’re really that tired!) The tan appears slowly over time and won’t give you those telltale tan streaks if you miss a spot.
  7. After washing your hair at night, towel dry until it is just damp, then apply a thickening spray or mousse. Part your hair and braid each side so that the end result is two pigtail plaits. In the morning simply separate your braids and you’ll have instant soft waves! If you’ve got time, a little spritz of texturising spray or hairspray will help to keep the waves in place.
  8. Apply a slick of bright lipstick – it’s the quickest way to perk up a tired-looking face. Choose one with blue undertones (think berry, magenta, or raspberry) to make your teeth appear whiter.
  9. Curl your lashes and apply a couple of coats of black mascara to your eyes. Focusing on the outer lashes will make your eyes appear wider and more awake.
  10. Get a pack of press-on nail polish transfers. They take about 5 minutes to apply, don’t require any drying time (which means no accidental smudges) and give you manicured-looking nails that’ll last all week!

– this post was supplied by Debbie Black
from beautyheaven

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