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Too tired for nookie?

tootiredfornookie - isiahI hear it all the time – you’ve had a long day, you’ve finally got the kids to bed, you’ve got a million things running around in your head to do tomorrow and… you just want to lie on the couch, relax in front of the TV and then fall asleep. Right?

Life is busy – especially with kids, bills, jobs, a mortgage, catching up with friends, staying healthy, and just staying sane. It’s understandable that sex life might not be on your list of priorities for the day.

But, maintaining a healthy sex life is important because it can help your relationship stay happy and strong.

When we engage in sex with someone, our body releases hormones and endorphins that help us feel close and connected to our partner. They can also reduce our stress levels and improve our overall health.

So today I’ve put together 3 quick tips that might entice you into some more ‘adult time’.

3 ways to help you find time for intimacy

1.   Build anticipation and connection through non-sexual touch

Touch is really important to a woman’s arousal. It’s also a great way to build feelings of connection and intimacy between you. If touch always leads to sex – it’s possible that you could end up avoiding it all together. Cuddle, kiss, and give each other massages that don’t always lead to sex.

2.  Make time for it

Yep – Make regular ‘date nights’ where you turn off the TV early, hire a babysitter, or go out to a hotel for the night. Making time for it like anything else will allow you to enjoy it more.

3. Be satisfied with ‘good enough’ sex.

Sex just isn’t always mind-blowing – especially when you’re tired and stressed – so allow sex to just be a great time for you to come together and connect, rather than put pressure on yourselves for it to be fantastic.

Jumping into the sack before you hit the hay really is time well spent – and you might be surprised how much energy you have once you get going.

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