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How to share Mother’s Day with your mum and mother-in-law

Toddler receives a kiss from his mother and grandmother on Mother's DayYou’ve done the same thing every year for Mother’s Day but that was before YOU were a mum as well.

Now, as well as lunch with your mum and dinner with your mother-in-law, you’ve got to find time to be spoiled by your own family too. And let’s face it, all you really want for Mother’s Day is a sleep-in!

So how do you manage the balancing act that is Mother’s Day. How can you enjoy a stress-free Mother’s Day yourself but still show your own mum that you care about her! And don’t forget your mother-in-law too!

Here are some ideas from our Bub Hub forum members on sharing the love this Mother’s Day.

How to share Mother’s Day with your mum and mother-in-law

1. Include your mum and/or mother-in-law in your own plans

Invite them to brunch or plan a day out¬†together. They would probably love the chance to spend a day with the grandkids. Plus, with an extra pair of hands to help with the little ones, your day won’t be so stressful.

2. Have your partner spend time with their own mum alone

Even if you love your mother-in-law to bits, it won’t hurt to let your partner take the kids to visit her while you stay at home and enjoy a well-earned Mother’s Day rest. She’s a mum too, she’ll understand. She might even like some special time with her ‘baby’.

3. Celebrate your Mother’s Day in the morning, visit your mum in the afternoon

Have your sleep-in and go out to brunch with your own family. Then after lunch make plans to see your own mum and mother-in-law. Maybe lunch with your mum, dinner with your mother-in-law.

4. Have a huge family get-together!

Invite all the mums (grandmothers and aunties) you know to a family barbecue in the park and tell the dads that they’re on cooking duty and chasing-the-kids duty!

5. Keep it simple and ALL go out for lunch or dinner

When you have a lot of mothers to celebrate it isn’t fair to put stress on any of them. Try to think of ways to celebrate that don’t require cooking (stress) and cleaning up (boring).¬†Even if you can’t afford a nice meal out, consider some fish and chips at a park or beach.

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