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Birth story: The unassisted homebirth of baby Miles

“Let’s do this, let’s have our unassisted homebirth!”

It’s Monday March 12 and as soon as I open my eyes I’m hit with a huge painful contraction which takes my breath away. If I’m going to have a baby, this is the day for it to happen, it’s a public holiday and the Husband is home. Let’s do this, let’s have our unassisted homebirth!

Around 1pm, for the first time ever, I experience a “bloody show” – it’s amazing to think that 4th time around I’m still experiencing some things for the first time! I’m now spending my time standing in the kitchen, leaning on the bench, breathing through the contractions that are hitting every 2-4 minutes. I realise around 2pm, that yep, this is happening, a baby is coming, it’s time to call in reinforcements – my two Doulas, one for the role of child wrangling, the other for the role of photographer.

I hop in the bath around 2.30pm, minutes before my first Doula arrives. Our second Doula arrives and starts snapping photos while our other Doula takes the three children to the park across the road.

Things are slowing down in the bath so I hop out in favour of standing in the kitchen again. Things ramp up again as soon as I’m standing. The children and my Doula return from the park, and opt for some drawing instead. At 5pm, it’s a dinner picnic on the floor in the lounge, they thought this was awesome, being allowed to eat in the loungeroom!

Soon the intensity ramps up and I’m feeling much more pressure in my lower back and decide I want to be in the water again. It’s not long after hopping back in the water and I’m in transition. I notice myself becoming vocal now through the contractions. The Husband and I are left alone in the bathroom which is what I want. I notice from looking back at the photos that our birthy photographer has popped her head in the
bathroom during transition and snapped some photos. Pretty quickly I go from moaning to pretty loud, deep roaring. Then it’s all on, pressure, pushing, deep roaring, our other Doula pops in for a sneak peak, noticing that indeed Babe #4 is on his way.

I can feel Babe #4 coming down, about to crown so I grab the Husband’s hand and shove it down at the ready, the next contraction and his head is out, my Husband proclaims proudly, “his head is out, keep going you’re almost there!”, next contraction and it’s one almighty push from my body and Babe #4 is out, born into Daddy’s hands and scooped up to me.

He’s here! We did it! The children are in the room now, Babe #4 is screaming now after a little rub on his back and he’s pinking up beautifully.

Miles entered the world in water and into Daddy’s hands at 5:45pm on Monday March 12, 2012. Weighing in at a tiny 3.1kg (6lb 13oz) and wonderfully perfect at just 37+6 gestation.

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