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The Ultimate Zumba Challenge Week 7

The Ultimate Zumba Challenge is coming to an end! We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday – December 21.

That person will not only walk away with a life-changing experience to look back on – and a new lease of life to look forward to – they’ll also be $5000 richer. How good does that sound?

There’s still time to get behind your favourite challengers! Check out the Zumba Challenge diaries and post your messages of support! The judges will be reviewing the challengers’ diaries to determine the winner so all support will be seen and noted!

And this week our challengers have some advice for you, if you’re considering taking up Zumba!

Luna Lovegood: “I have found Zumba has had a massive impact on another, more intimate area of my life. Mr Lovegood is pretty happy. It’s all in the hips. And the stamina. And the confidence … apparently the confidence is sexy …”

Purple Sparkles: “Now that I am a busy mum I have really appreciated having the DVDs at home so that I can squeeze in a Zumba workout while my son naps or in the evening. I love that there are a variety of workouts in the set, from beginners through to more advanced and of various lengths and “flavours” so there is always a workout to suit your time, level and mood.”

Goblin Queen: “[You should start Zumba] because you want to lose weight, that’s what will get you to start but the reason you won’t stop is because you’ll fall in love with it. You’ll enjoy “working out” and feel better about yourself on the inside while looking better on the outside..”

SpecialPatrolGroup: “I would also say that you will not feel so uncoordinated after a couple of times. I really needed to know [that] in my first couple of workouts. ”

Anewme: “The DVDs have changed my life. My weight loss and the change of lifestyle are not only for me but also my whole family.”

Hagrid: “I have recommended [the DVDs] to so many people because they are so fun and convenient! My best friend included, she has already done the classes but is seriously one of the busiest people I know so decided she would try the at home version!”

Nomsie: “I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to improve their fitness, shed some weight or if they just want to have fun!”

Angenrod: “DO IT and don’t give up. It is extremely energising and you will feel better for it.”

Giggle berry: “Zumba is not just fitness it can change your attitude to your life for the better!”

You can read more from all of the Zumba challengers in the Zumba Challenge diaries

You can also read our Zumba Challenge: Meet the Challengers blog post which has links to each of the challengers’ individual diaries as well as some background info on them.

Keep up the inspiring work!!

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