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The Ultimate Zumba Challenge Week 6

It is all getting very exciting now! There are just two weeks to go until we find out who will be the Ultimate Zumba Challenger!

One of the challengers will walk away with $5000 and although money is wonderful – all of the women who’ve taken part are already feeling like winners!

One of the challengers has had a positive ovulation test – the first in 10 months – a great sign that she’s getting healthier.

Another is feeling so much more confident in herself. Now, when she receives a compliment, she feels like she deserves it!

Then there’s the challenger who is finally happy to have her photo taken again; the challenger who has mastered self-control during the most indulgent time of the year; and the challenger who is thinking of becoming a Zumba instructor!

Oh – and did I mention there’s a Zumba baby on the way? The mum-to-be wasn’t losing weight around the waist – now we know why!


You’ll have to read the Zumba Challenge diaries to find out who though …

Anyway – let’s just check in to see what some of our challengers are saying this week:

Luna Lovegood: “I now realise how much having an unhealthy lifestyle was impacting my entire life. I caring less and less about my perfect body and more about how I feel … and everything feels like it’s falling in to place. I will never go back to being unhealthy, lazy and, for lack of better words, lifeless again.”

Purple Sparkles: “The biggest emotional change i have noticed is more of a sense of calm and peace. When i have done my workout for the day i feel relaxed and proud and those aren’t too emotions that a busy person gets to feel very often under normal circumstances.”

Goblin Queen: “I don’t think I can express enough how grateful I am for being chosen to be a part of this challenge. Mentally and physically, it has made such a huge change on my life.”

SpecialPatrolGroup: “The pride that I feel is self-perpetuating: It keeps me walking past the biscuit jar at work, it reminds me to work out, to add an extra serve of vegetables to our evening meals, to set a good example for my daughter by getting out of the house and hitting the park or going for a swim rather than going to the shopping centre so that she learns that this is to be a way of life.”

Anewme: My confidence is at the highest point that it has been in 20 years as I did something this week that has had me smiling all week, I tried on a heap of dresses from the NORMAL section (not the plus size). This made me so happy because every single one I tried on fit. One of the dresses I brought because it complimented my new shape making me feel young and sexy. Now that is something I haven’t felt in a very long time. I am feeling so good about myself right now.

You can read more from all of the Zumba challengers in the Zumba Challenge diaries

You can also read our Zumba Challenge: Meet the Challengers blog post which has links to each of the challengers’ individual diaries as well as some background info on them.

Keep up the inspiring work!!

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