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The Ultimate Zumba Challenge Week 3

What helps you lose weight, feel better about yourself and gives you more energy?

I’ll give you a clue … it can even have the added side-effect of inspiring you to eat better, clearing up your skin and in some cases it can even cause your fiance to lose weight as well.

Give up?

The answer is: The Ultimate Zumba Challenge!

In Week 3 of the challenge, our challengers reported all of the above. Being part of the challenge has affected their lives in so many ways. Not just the obvious benefits of the extra exercise they’ve incorporated into their routines!

And it’s awesome to see that they are even starting to inspire others!

Hagrid has reported back to say that while her fiance doesn’t really have time to do the DVDs (plus she has kind of banned him from watching her) he’s been inspired to make changes to his own diet and lifestyle that even he’s lost 4kg!

Anewme is often joined by her kids and other relatives while she exercises. She’s even been invited to set up a Zumba group one night a week at her church!

Purple Sparkles  has had four different friends and her sister join her so far. She has a group of 3 or 4 that come over on Tuesday nights and another group of 3 or 4 that come over on Saturday mornings.

And Angenrod has found a wonderful bonus to her Zumba workout – it is a great way to burp a baby! She hold her baby while doing the “Step –by-Step” Zumba class and after 3-5 minutes of  Zumba moves, he starts burping like a champ!

Some of the challengers were hoping that this healthier lifestyle and weightloss would result in pregnancies at the end of the challenge – and now there’s even discussion that any new babies might be named Beto (after the founder of Zumba) and Loretta (after one of the instructors)!

You can read more about the successes and setbacks in the Zumba Challenge diaries– plus you can check out the fantastic results – one challenger has now lost 14cm off her waist and 10cm off her hips and a couple have lost more than 5kgs since the challenge started. Awesome work!!

You can also read our Zumba Challenge: Meet the Challengers blog post which has links to each of the challengers’ individual diaries as well as some background info on them.

Make sure you send some inspiration their way!

Keep up the excellent work!!

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