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The Healthy Mummy Challenge – we’re halfway through!

healthymummychallengeweek2The halfway mark has been passed for our Healthy Mummy challengers!

They’re going strong with bright eyes and bushy tails, and we’re in for another update.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Plan is proving to be a huge benefit to these ladies who have been keen to regain their health and fitness for a while now.

Read on for some more comments from the challengers…

Beljane – this week has shown a minor slip up, but was followed by even more determination on her part.

“I have had to be really organised to avoid grabbing unhealthy food on the go this week due to a very hectic schedule. I did give in the other day and had 2 hot donuts at the shop… Although it was still within my Calorie count it really made me feel……..gross. I need to come up with an action plan for Saturday as I will be helping out all day at the Carnival.”

Despite this little bump in the road, she’s been hitting her exercise with gusto!

“I have done so well with that this week. I have been parking down the street and walking up to the classrooms at school pickup (lots of hills). Usually I would pick them up from the pick ups zone so this has been helpful in reaching my goal this week. Incidental exercise will not be a problem on Saturday!”

I’m super excited to see what kind of loss Beljane posts at her next weigh-in – we’re cheering you all the way!


BubblesK – by focusing on her healthy eating, she has managed nearly a kilo lost after a week between her weigh-ins!

“Week 2 is flying by! I weighed in today (1week since 1st weigh) in and was happy with the 0.9kg loss! It will help keep me motivated. Hubby is loving the food too!”

A few days after that, the scales take on a mind of their own, so her accurate weight remains a mystery. Measurements are looking good though…

“Well I tried to weigh in today. My bathroom scales are possessed. One minute I’m too heavy to get a reading (max weight is 150kg) then I’m down under 100kg all the while scaling up and down like a weigh in on the biggest loser. Think I can forget about them, so instead I went to the old tape measure.
Two cm off my hips!!! Hooray! And the best news, finally a cm off the thighs of thunder!!”

Hooray indeed, that’s some fantastic progress! Keep it up, BubbleK!


Just*Ace – with a high point the reaches for the sky, and a low that could potentially cause heartache, this week has been a rollercoaster for her.

“Finally back with another update, writing this as I enjoy my healthy mummy vanilla banana spinach smoothie… Since my last update, I got some exciting news, I’m pregnant! DH and I have been trying for 2.5 years… We are over the moon!

Of course this now means my diet is even more important, just not in a lose weight way, in a ‘get some nutrients’ sort of way! I’ve been told I’m fine to lose a few kgs in the first trimester by eating healthily.”

We’ve assured Just*Ace that the meal plans and smoothies are perfectly fine for pregnancy, and she’s going full steam ahead, though a crazy week rocked her a little.

“From finding out I was finally pregnant to finding out my levels aren’t that great and being told it could be an ectopic or a miscarriage….so from super extremely happy to really down….

Have still managed to stick to the program pretty well. I have been experimenting with the smoothies, today I am having the vanilla smoothie mix blended with ice, banana, dates and skim milk. So since 1st September I have lost 2.4kgs. Lets hope I can keep it up!”

We certainly will hope! We’ve got our Bub Hub fingers crossed for her bub, and giving all the support we can – keep your head up Just*Ace!

We’ve got a special statement from The Healthy Mummy with regards to Just*Ace’s news this week –

The smoothies do not have any caffeine, chemicals or artificial sweeteners in them and are safe as a one a day snack in pregnancy or nutrition boost. However, we do not recommend following any weight loss plan in pregnancy unless under your Doctor’s supervision. Please note that one smoothie contains 180mcg RE vitamin A. The RDI of Vitamin A for pregnancy and breastfeeding is 700-800mcg daily, while the upper level of intake for pregnant and breastfeeding women is 2800-3000mcg.

The meal plans are healthy, balanced meals and also great for pregnant mums to use – but pregnant mums should increase portion size accordingly for an increased calorie intake in pregnancy and avoid too much fish and certain cheeses throughout pregnancy.


oozzle – some big shake-ups have turned this week into quite a difficult time. Due to a tragic bereavement in the family, I’m sure the challenge and her forum diary are the last things in oozzle’s mind.

We are sending her strength through this hard time, and she is more than welcome to continue with her challenge if and when she feels up to it.


Here’s hoping for more positivity next week, and we’re still cheering everyone on! Let’s go week 3!

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