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The Healthy Mummy Challenge – the big finale!

healthymummychallengeweek3Our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has finished!

Times have been tough, but perseverance is key and our winners have done just that! Soldiering on in the face of difficult situations and tempting scenarios, our challengers have come out the other side with heads held high.

Even though the challenge is done and dusted, let’s hope some healthy and positive habits have been created for our winners!

See straight from the winners how they finished up.

Beljane  – with a week that didn’t allow much time for cooking and offered lots in the way of temptation, Beljane has had her willpower tested.

“We have had a very busy 7 days with School Carnival (fulfilling P and F duties!!) And my 2 youngest having birthdays (1 on Monday and the other today……my baby turned 2  ).

This has made it very difficult to avoid temptation. Birthday cakes and dinner out on Monday were my biggest downfalls. I could have chosen a healthier option, but I didn’t and then I felt yucky afterwards. I had cake, but I did have a small portion.”

Aw come one, who could resist your baby’s birthday cake? A small portion is still a positive though! She’s coming to terms with her health and has made a realisation that will definitely help her in the future.

“The Challenge may officially be over but this is not the end for me. I have decided to take up the Membership offer so I can continue to access the great recipes and do the November Challenge.

I want to keep this energy that I have and eventually the weightless will be noticeable even though it will take a while at this rate. DH has lost 7kg this month! He was still a little bit naughty but ate the dinners and lunches I made and changed what he was having for Breakfast to a much healthier option. My final weight loss was 2kg and total cm’s lost (measured from hips, waist, neck, 1 arm and 1 thigh) 23cm.

When all is said and done I would recommend this program. It is balanced, does not exclude any food groups and is delicious. It is also easy to adjust to your taste. If you are looking for a healthier way of life with the bonus of losing weight (even if you have a medical condition that makes weightless very difficult it will work…..just not as fast) then this is for you. You don’t have to buy the shakes (in fact the meal plans on the Challenge exclude the shakes but you can swap them for a meal if you like). I used the shakes on work mornings as they were quick, easy and filling.”

She’s so right! Creating healthy habits is such an important part of weight loss – not just dropping the kilos! Be proud Beljane – you’ve done fantastically well!


BubblesK – her kitchen facilities haven’t been ideal this week, but BubblesK has tried her best and come out positively!

“Hmmmm so we have booked an impromptu road trip this weekend. 4 days without a kitchen…. I’ll take my shakes with me and have one or two of them a day for meals and just be really conscious of what I eat around them. Wish me luck!

On our impromptu road trip….. Totally impossible to cook the food. Lucky I’ve brought my shakes! Hopefully the next weigh wont be too bad!”

Who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneity? Fortunately for her, this road trip has still turned into quite a good week, challenge-wise.

“Got on my brothers scale this morning, thankfully it was lower than at home. I know I can’t use the whole amount of weight loss as they aren’t my usual scales but still!! Awesome!!


My shakes and careful food choices have paid off when I thought I’d fail as I couldn’t cook the proper food.

On the 28day challenge, I lost 3kg and the following measurements:

3cm from waist
2cm from hips
1.5cm from thighs
1cm from bust.”

Awesome results! Good choices and smart eating really do pay off – especially in the long run as this will be setting up great habits for BubblesK. Amazing work!


Just*Ace – with the viability of her pregnancy still up in the air, we haven’t heard from Just*Ace since week 2. Some scary words like ectopic, surgery, and miscarriage are being said all around her, so she has been understandably absent from the challenge.

We are wishing her all the best and hope that this little bub sticks and becomes a miracle for her.


We’d like to congratulate and thank all our challengers for working hard this past month – you’ve done so amazingly well that you’re an inspiration for all!

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