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The Healthy Mummy Challenge begins!

healthymummychallengeopeningThe results are in!

Our three lucky Bub Hub winners have been chosen, have been sent all their supplies, and are about to start on their Healthy Mummy journey!

September 1 (today!) marks the start of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Plan for our three Bub Hub winners – you can follow their progress and show your support for them in the forum here.

So who are our winners? Let me introduce:

Just*ace – a mum looking for motivation to become happier and healthier!

BubblesK – a mum who would love to feel better about herself!

Oozzle – a mum who is so busy, she wants a healthy way to feed herself too!

And a special addition of a Bub Hub team member and busy mum who will be participating from the office (and her house, of course) – Beljane!

So, you ask, what exactly are they going to be doing over these 28 days?

The participants receive meal plans, exercise plans, and other general healthy eating tips over the course of 28 days. They get incredibly healthy recipes designed specifically for busy mums that can feed the whole family too, and will help with weight loss – and best of all they’re delicious! They’re given easy exercises that are simple to do at home, but will help with weight loss and toning up muscles. All the support and help they could possibly ask for is available every day – including Bub Hub viewers in the forum. Feel free to show your support and help these lovely ladies through the challenge!

Each day, they will check what’s on the meal planner and follow the instructions, check what’s on the exercise agenda and make a time when they can do a bit of a work out, and can check in with their forum diary to write about their progress! With their starting weight, current weight, BMI, and other statistics recorded on The Healthy Mummy website, it’ll be easy to track progress and make sure they’re sticking to the plan!

We’ll have weekly blog updates with progress from the forum diaries, so watch this space! Get behind our Bub Hub mums and we’ll complete the challenge together.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges run in September, November, January, March, May and July and if you want to take part in the next Challenge click here –

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