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Why other woman are important when you’re pregnant

I’m on the home stretch! With only a month to go before the end of my pregnancy I’ve been trying to take stock of all I’ve learned so far and so have been reflecting on the advice my family and girlfriends have been giving me over the past months.

This week I’ve been hanging out with my grandma J who has been giving me a bit of a history lesson on birthing and babies. I really take my hats off to our forebears. I mean these women really had to rely on blind faith to get them through those nine months. There was no scans, no dopplers and (worst of all!) no internet! (I don’t know if I would have survived if I hadn’t have been able to Google every ache and pain I felt!)

But what these ladies did have was a close network of other females they could turn to in regards to the unknown – their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and neighbours.

Grandma J’s mother, Dolly, was an expert on childbirth after having 10 kids of her own. So when grandma showed signs that she was in labour with her first child up they marched (and yes, I mean marched – there was no car to take them) to the local hospital. The matron there told them to turn around and go back but Dolly would have none of it.

“This girl’s ready to go,” she insisted, as my 21-year-old grandmother stood meekly to one side. “We’re not leaving.”

They didn’t leave and Dolly was right. Only a few hours later my aunty was born and so began grandma’s own child-raising adventures.

Hearing these sorts of stories really inspires me as my due date gets nearer and nearer. These women really had to rely on experience and intuition to get them through safely.

I guess we still do the same today – although our networks are slightly different.

I’m really interested to know how much you relied on the women around you to help you through pregnancy and being a first-time mum?

Do we need more face-to-face time with our gal pals to have our questions answered, or are online forums the best thing invented since elastic waists (you heavily pregnant women know what I’m talking about!)

And what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on your journey so far and who gave it to you? Or has there been a time when you wished the other women in your life would simply butt out and leave you to it?

Drop me a post and let me know!

PS. What do you think of the cartoon attached? It’s my husband’s interpretation of me and my grandma’s last chat 😉

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  1. Awesome post! I really enjoyed this part of pregnancy (and now child-rearing). I feel it brought me a lot closer to some of the important women in my life (or at least it gives you a whole new thing to talk about) … especially older generations. It was like a club that no one tells you about till you join!

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