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Birth story: The dream birth of Schuyler-Rae

“I was so proud of myself and couldn’t believe it was
over and done with in 2.5 hours!”

After weeks of false alams, I was woken up by short, sharp pains. It felt like I was being ripped apart inside. I went to the toilet and noticed the tiniest bit of blood, but didn’t think anything of it as it didn’t happen again. Went in, woke up DP and said I didn’t think he should go to work today, but after a nice hot bath decided it wasn’t the real thing and said he should go, and that I would call him if anything happened. Didn’t have any more pain for ages, so I went back to bed.

At about 8, I was woken up by pain again, but it wasn’t regular or getting worse, so I got my daughter ready for daycare and dropped her off. When I got home, I realised that my phone was out of service and the pains had started coming about 15 minutes apart. I decided to walk to my friend’s place who lives around the corner. At 11am she decided to take me to the hospital just to be safe, so we packed up her two kids and walked to the other side of town. About halfway there, I got a sudden pain and from then on it was coming every 5 or so minutes.

After being hooked up to the monitor for half an hour, the midwife said she wasn’t sure if I was in labour or not, so she decided to give me an internal. Just as she was about to do it, I felt what I thought was bubby punching me, then a trickle of fluid. I said “I think my waters just broke”. The midwife looked and said “so they have. I guess you’re not going home today!”.

She did the internal and I was 4cm dialted. She said it would take a while for anything to really happen, so me and my friend went to the cafe across the road and had some lunch. DP called the hospital just as we were about to leave. I said I was in labour but there was no hurry so he finished what he was doing at work and came up.

We were gone half an hour and by the time I got back to the hospital, my contractions were 3 minutes apart. They did another internal and I was 7.5cm dialted. I begged for an epidural, only to be met with a laugh from the midwife. She suggested I jump in the hot shower, so I did. DP poked his head in and all he got back was “I HATE YOU!”. He went home, had a shower and grabbed my things. By the time he got back, I was kneeling on my belly on the bed with a bean bag under me, screaming that I wanted to push. They did an internal and said I was only 7.5cm. They tried giving me the gas but it didn’t do anything, so I just used the mouth piece to bite on when the contractions came (turned out the gas wasn’t even turned on!).

DP went to call everyone to let them know what was going on. He was gone 5 minutes and I needed to start pushing. My friend was holding my hand and baby’s head was almost crowning. I screamed at her “WHERE’S DP”, she quickly left and got him. As he walked into the room, bub’s head crowned and 7.5 minutes later she was out. My first contraction was only 2.5 hours ago!!

When I looked down between my legs, the only thing I could say was ‘she’s so tiny’. Schuyler-Rae Isabelle was born at 1.33pm, July 1. She weighed 6 pound, 3 ounces and was 48.5cm. They had trouble getting my placenta out, and were getting worried, but after a few hard tugs at the cord (which snapped and the poor midwife got covered), everything was good. I had a 1st degree tear but no stitches and a bit of grazing.

An hour later, my mum, grandad and sister arrived and I was up walking around. I barely stayed in bed I had so much energy! I was out of hospital the next afternoon (would have been sooner but it took them a while to organise the hearing test for bub).

I had said the entire pregnancy that I wanted to have a drug-free birth, but I never actually thought I would do it! I was so proud of myself and couldn’t believe it was over and done with in 2.5 hours!

Thanks to mum lil miss for sharing her story.

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