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The Curious Case of the Ironic Hipster Volvo

A few months back I mentioned I had a particular German SUV (OK, it was a BMW X3).

I had wanted one for years, I was even willing to look the other way when the fuel economy.

This was to be the ultimate family car. As my bump grew and my hips softened (go hypermobility and pregnancy!) I found lugging myself up into the car more of a challenge and eventually the pain was getting to me.

The came the timely arrival of the Volvo (*). My dear husband had bought it for the business for $700. I started snooping around in and slid on the worn leather seats, perfect height, solid and safe, integrated booster seat. I decided that we should have a test run “just to make sure that everything was fine” then I didn’t want to get out and back into the Beemer. You know for my hips.

I struggled with this, what of the BMW I had lusted for? Who would want to ditch a flashy car like that for an old Volvo station wagon? In fact, how can I count myself as hip in any way when I am driving one of the uncoolest cars in existence – not out of necessity but by choice?

I decided that it was OK to drive the Volvo as long as I drive it ironically, you know with the same attitude a hipster has when wearing a ridiculous old man hat or some outdated facial hair (actually both would go well with my Volvo). I have made peace with the Ironic Hipster Volvo now, it handles well has enough power (the BMW had rather too much for me – hello speeding tickets!) and good fuel economy not to mention the safety and I don’t have to worry too much about it being destroyed by the children ( try to teach them to respect things but it doesn’t seem to work).

The much-longed-for BMW was sold a few months ago and hasn’t been missed. I suppose the point of this post is that flashy expensive things are often disappointing in reality – they aren’t a lifestyle makeover, they aren’t sex appeal made substantial, they are just things and often cheaper, less glamorous things will suit you better and not disappoint you.

Incidentally am moving on from the Ironic Hipster Volvo now … I have bought a newer model Volvo station wagon as I love the old one so much! This one cost me $3000 (ooh fancy!). Now if you will excuse me I have to go do the school run in the Volvo full of child restraints – you’ll know me I am the one singing to ABBA as I drive – all with ironic cool of course!

Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions. Peace Pilgrim

* Note: in the interests of full disclosure I want to assure any readers that my insane ramblings in praise of the much-maligned Volvo come purely from me and my opinions. Volvo don’t know of my secret love of them and certainly haven’t paid me in old station wagons or any other way to write this post!

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