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The best things in life are three

Mountain BuggyParenting can be rough. There are bumps, sharp turns and sometimes you find yourself way off track.

It isn’t exactly a smooth ride. And let’s be honest, there are days when you don’t look too crash hot while you’re doing it.

As a parent you need to be agile. You need to be able to maneuvre quickly when obstacles appear. You need the strength to ride out the bumps and keep going.

You need to grow and change as your child does, as your family does.

You also need to socialise, to move, to exercise, to breathe in fresh air and, perhaps most importantly, you need support and you need comfort.

Sometimes you just need to take a few life lessons from a pram! But not just any pram, it has to be a  Mountain Buggy!

The Mountain Buggy three-wheel design is everything parents need to help make the ride a little easier.

It’s adaptable, it’s effortless, it’s capable, it’s durable.

It’s even stylish.

Mountain Buggy’s three-wheel legacy began with a father’s need to create a buggy with all-terrain capability and durability that was just as comfortable on city streets as mountain trails.

Did you know three wheels provide superior manoeuvrability?

  • a three-wheel frame coupled with a lower slung seat fabric allows perfect weight distribution for optimised user performance
  • larger front wheel means any terrain is tackled with ease
  • purposeful and simple design, incredibly adaptable with reassuring handling engineered with your baby’s comfort in mind

Now, 20 years later, Mountain Buggy’s three-wheel platform has evolved into a design-focused line-up characterised by clean lines, luxurious fabrics and design aesthetic.

And there’s one to suit every family.

Which Mountain Buggy is best for you?

MB mini

The MB mini is the best choice for around town. It is small but fully capable and will fit into apartments, small cars and public transport. It features puncture-proof 10 inch wheels.

Mountain Buggy mini


The Swift is space conscious, easy to push and maneuvre — perfect for the city streets and the trails.

Mountain Buggy swift

Urban jungle

The Urban Jungle is the best choice for an active urban parent who is looking for a versatile all-rounder to take them from the city and off the beaten track.

Mountain Buggy urban jungle


The +one is the practical choice for a growing family. It is the perfect single buggy but with extra storage as well as a newborn mattress and second seat included.Mountain Buggy +one


The Terrain is the best choice for the active sporty parent who loves the outdoors. Perfect for jogging, walking and even hiking in the hills.

Mountain Buggy Terrain


This blog post is sponsored by Mountain Buggy

From newborn to toddler, the mountain trails to the city streets – Mountain Buggy enables parents to live life without limit.

For more information visit Baby Kingdom.

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