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The best 6 disposable breast pads

top 6 breast padsRecently my father-in-law inadvertently used one of my breast pads as a coaster. My fault really … I shouldn’t have left it on the armrest of the lounge chair.


This won’t happen again as I’ve since bought a new lounge with a chaise – no more nasty armrest to embarrass me in front of the in-laws.

Anyway he gave the aforementioned breast pad full marks for absorbency.

But here’s how you rated them – the six best disposable breasts pads from the Bub Hub product reviews section.

1. Hydrogel Breast Discs – Rite Aid

rite aid hydrogel breast discs“These things were vital to my breastfeeding success! So soothing and fantastic for worn out chewed up nipples!” – Just*Ace

 “I had a box of these on my dresser and another in the fridge and they were awesome.  The relief they gave immediately (especially the cold ones) was amazing and they helped heal my nipples so much faster than with just cream.” – Catkin

2. Disposable Breast Pads – Coles

 coles breast pads“I have found out of all of the disposable pads I have tried, these are the best. They are slimline but very absorbent and are priced right!” – Stumbleine

 “4 weeks in, I discovered Coles Nursing pads in one of my gift packs and they are brilliant. I haven’t had the discomfort of a soaked chest since.” – melbagirl

3. Premium Disposable – Mamaway

mamaway breast pads“I am really happy with these and would definitely recommendthem to people to try, I will be using these exclusively from now on as none compare to them for me!” – MrJone&Me

“I would absolutely use these again and I would recommend them to friends having babies.  If only I’d found them before ruining so many nice shirts.” – elleandsam

4. Ultra Slim – Pigeon

pigeon breast pads

“These are my absolute favourite breast pad. They are thin and not noticable through clothes. They never leak, even if you have been stuck without a fresh one. The inside becomes gel (so doesn’t fall apart like some others) and they are individually wrapped.” –Rosie

 “These are great breast pads & super absorbent.  Nice & slim so not noticeable through clothing.  Have never had a leakage with these.” – Aries7

5. Nursing Pads – Johnson & Johnson

johnsons breast pads

“I used them with all 3 kids and would recommend to anyone (and put them in my “top baby products”) basket that I make up for friends and family with their first bubs.” – kaz2323

“Out of all the breast pads that I have tried I would have to say that these have been my fav. They were comfortable and seemed to soak up all excess milk with no leakage whatsoever.” – karisha

6. Nursing Pads – Rite Aid

 rite aid nursing pads“These really are great quality and work extremely well at absorbing any leaks. My sister gave me some of hers she had left over from her bubs when I had my first and I haven’t stopped using them since.” – CandyFairy

“I have tried nearly every brand of breast pads and found these to be the most effective, comfortable, reliable and best value for money.” – Kyash

What do you think? Is your favourite brand on the list?

If you haven’t added your review you can visit our Parents Review Section now to have your say!

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  1. I’ve tried a few of the disposable ones and in honesty I actually prefer the washable ones as they seemed to stay ‘in place’ a bit better.

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