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6 things I’ll miss about being pregnant … in order of shallowness

things I'll miss about being pregnantWhen I first wrote this list I was basking in the second trimester of my third and final pregnancy.

I was feeling somewhat sad that it was to be my last pregnancy – although not sad enough to change my mind about that fact, just sad enough to look at the experience fondly.

If someone had asked me during my first trimester what I’d miss about pregnancy I’d have rolled my eyes, groaned with exhaustion and screamed “nothing!” as I ran to the bathroom for the 49th pee of the day.

And if someone had asked again two months after I wrote this list – while frumping around in the third trimester – I would have rolled my eyes, groaned with indigestion and screamed “nothing!” as I ran to the bathroom for the 49th pee of the day.

So here they are … the 6 things I’ll miss about being pregnant (in order of shallowness!)

1. Pregnancy boobs

I’ve never complained about having B cups – they’re never in the way and they don’t hurt when I run (not that I run … ) but it has been fun to grow an extra few sizes each pregnancy. It is like being given the opportunity to try out someone else’s body for a few months.

2. My hair not falling out

I have very thick hair – so usually you could grow a new, very hairy, person out of the hair that I lose each day. But when I’m pregnant it stays put. Which is probably very handy given that when I’m pregnant I can no longer bend over in the bath to get it out of the plughole.

3. Being warm

I save heaps on my heating bill while I’m pregnant in winter! Being warmer than usual is handy when you’re fatter than usual – my jumpers become a bit hard to stretch over my growing belly!

4. Having a little person kick me from the inside

There’s something very special about feeling your little one bump around in there. And having a little person kick you from the inside certainly beats having a little person kick you from the outside (what it is with kids? They sure have a knack of getting their knees and elbows in sensitive places … ).

5. The excitement of the unknown

Will it be a boy or a girl? What should we call him/her? Will they have dark hair or blonde hair? When can I start playing Lego with them? There’s no doubt about it, the excitement and the anticipation of having a baby is something that is hard to compare.

6. Meeting your new little person for the first time

OK, not technically something that is part of the pregnancy but that moment when you first meet the new little person in your life is so profound and so precious that I truly believe it’s the reason so many people go back for seconds! Honestly … the greatest day ever, even if only in retrospect (sometimes you’re just too exhausted to realise it at the time)!


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6 comments so far -

  1. Yup! I quite like trying on another body for a bit and how everyone smiles at your bump! Same effect with a baby…but only for the first year or so.

    • Good for you guys that you have encountered such things 🙁 I really want to experience those things especially having a little person kicking you from inside. Me i had my 2 daughter as product of IVF with Egg donation and surrogacy. So i envy you guys.

      • I can understand your feelings, Jessica. I was completely convinced that I would have a totally natural home birth. I was extremely anti doctor and anti intervention. Well, my first child ended up an emergency caesarean, as did my second home birth attempt. After that I had another two elective caesareans. So no natural births for me. However I accept that this is my unique journey and have not wasted a single moment on regretting that which I can not have. I thank God for the doctors who saved mine and my children’s lives. You have two daughters from the most awesome gift I can imagine, cherish them and your unique journey, don’t let that which you can not have spoil one second of your life. Wishing you a bright and envy free future.

  2. I totally agree with you Rebecca. Even though my children are 17 and 19 , I still miss all of those things too. The beautiful thing though is that babies and children can still keep you warm with cuddles, keep you guessing at the next milestone that will be achieved , will introduce you to all sort of other people and new experiences. I have no answer for the loss of the D cup though.

    • Thanks! Yes of course there’ll be a whole new post about what I’ll miss about having a newborn too I’m sure! I think I’m getting all soppy because I’m pretty sure this baby will be my last!

      Hmm… the D Cup will definitely go … maybe I’ll have to take up running to appreciate the Bs again!



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