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The 100% natural way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Pregnancy is definitely a time of growth.

While your baby is busy growing and developing, you’re growing too! You’re growing emotionally — your heart is filling and your mind expanding.

Then there’s the physical growth. Your feet are a size bigger and your ankles are swollen. Not that it matters, you can’t see either unless you look in a mirror because that belly of yours has stretched to a size you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Skin is pretty amazing and the body is very clever — both can cope with this rapid growth. But they don’t always do so without some damage and scarring.

Stretch marks happen when your body is stretched beyond it’s elasticity — usually in time of rapid growth such as growth spurts, changes in weight and pregnancy.

If you’re worried about the appearance of stretch marks but equally concerned about the chemicals that you’re using on your skin then you should check out the latest all-natural creation P’URE Papaya Renew Stretch Mark Cream.

It has been formulated by naturopaths to give you a natural alternative to mainstream products that contain petroleum, mineral oil and phthalates.

P’URE Papaya Renew contains no harmful ingredients and it’s vegan-friendly, ethically formulated and Natrue certified.

Key Ingredients in P’URE Papaya Renew

  • Gotu Kola – scientifically proven to decrease inflammation as well as stimulate healthy collagen formation and support the skins elasticity helping not only during pregnancy but supporting your skin to help return to its normal state after baby arrives.
  • Australian Organic Fermented Papaya – Gently exfoliates skin and promotes healing and skin renewal
  • Butters and oils – Shea butter, Rosehip and Macadamia Oils to nourish and deeply moisturise skin

So why does P’URE avoid using mineral oil

  • Mineral Oil is derived from petroleum.
  • Mineral Oil is occlusive. It coats the skin and creates a barrier that inhibits the skin’s ability to breathe and re-balance.
  • Mineral oil provides no nutrients and little hydration benefits to the skin.
  • Mineral Oil is near impossible to metabolise. It will find its way into your body (it doesn’t just create a barrier) and once it’s in your body, it builds up and accumulates over time.

How to apply P’URE Renew

You can apply P’URE Renew when you’re pregnant or after your baby has been born. It is a light non-greasy cream that you use 2-3 times daily and rub in circular motions. For best results apply renew directly after a shower. Apply for a minimum of 3 weeks.


This blog post is sponsored by P’URE Papaya Care

P’URE Papaya Renew combines 3 key ingredients to produce a unique, 100% natural cream that your skin will love. Visit

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