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Swimming lessons in the bush in winter – crazy?!

swimming lessons for babyI guess you could say that we have finally had our negative experience out here!

I love the water; you could never get me out of the pool as a kid or get me away from the beach as I got older.

When I told a few friends that we were going to be moving four hours away from the beach, they all looked at me, shocked! And simply said that they wouldn’t think that I would last being so far away from the sweet, soft sand and the clear pale blue water that you get at the Alley on a good day!

Granted that I had a massive baby sticking out of me when we left, I laughed it off… I did try and go to the beach over Christmas, yes I was getting severe withdrawals but with a 10-week-old baby it was hell!

I think my parents like to rub it in my face sometimes, I am sure they don’t realise what they are doing… Or do they? All through summer when I would speak to them they would just have to tell me how nice the Alley looked when they went for their morning walk, “you could see the bottom, there was a nice wave out the back you could have caught with your ski”. They just go on and on and all I could say in reply was, “well there isn’t a cloud in the sky out here, the grass is starting to get a little greener or one that I seemed to use a lot, “hot out here? No, it’s only 25 degrees, (the air-conditioning was on)”.

Back to the water dilemma, being a self-confessed water baby I want our son to be the same. We want him to be able to swim at a young age, not because we want him to win gold at the Olympics but we want to feel safe when he is around a pool or at the beach and in general so he can have fun!

A few of my friends were enrolling their bubbas into swimming lessons out here, so I thought I would enrol Chad as well. Well. This is where I have to say, I miss the coast!

Out of the four lessons we have had, there have been three different teachers who all have their own way of teaching and singing the nursery rhymes and another three lessons have been cancelled.

I am sure I am not alone that with this, the first time that you take you little bubba to swimming lessons, you yourself want a little bit of structure in a lesson. So you can build your confidence as a parent up and build a trust relationship with the teacher. Yes, I know they are obviously qualified that’s why they are there. I personally, need a teacher who makes it clearly obvious she or he knows what they are doing. I need to trust them when they suggest it’s time to put bub under water etc.

Only one of the teachers out here has been able to do that. She was fabulous I panicked a little when I had to put Chad under but she was so reassuring and confident, I wasn’t concerned that Chad came up coughing a little. I did know that we weren’t going to get the Laurie Lawrence of swimming coaches out here. But it is sad to a degree. It is noticeable that the children out in the country are not able to have the same types of coaching as what is given in more built-up areas.

I am curious to how swimming lessons are conducted back on the coast and areas alike. How are they structured, is there the same lesson procedure every time you go? Granted that there really isn’t the population out here to warrant baby and kids swimming lessons, well there is out here but we did enrol at the start of winter I might add!

I would be interested to see if it was more structured out here during summer. My husband doesn’t particularly want to part with another $150 for a flop. However, if this is a common occurrence with baby and young children swimming lessons around other places in Australia, I would be able to persuade him a little more easily.

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