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Sudocrem: Happy Bum, Happy Mum

Baby with no nappy rashIt breaks our hearts to hear our little ones cry. We will do almost anything to make them happy!

If you have ever had, or babysat, a baby with nappy rash, you will surely know all too well the uncomfortable cry!

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can cure with a game of peak-a-boo or a trip to the zoo.

Nappy rash is an irritation of the skin anywhere in the nappy area. Mild nappy rash appears as a generalised reddened area or small dots on the skin. The extent of nappy rash can vary.

What causes nappy rash?

The most common cause of nappy rash is when the skin becomes inflamed after contact with chemicals in urine, faeces or both.

It is more likely to occur if nappies are not changed often enough or if your baby has diarrhoea. However, it can occur even when the nappy area is frequently cleaned.

Friction caused by the nappy rubbing against baby’s delicate skin and washing detergents not thoroughly rinsed out of reusable nappies can also contribute to the development of nappy rash.

There are certain times when babies are especially susceptible to nappy rash, such as:

  • During teething
  • Changing from breast to bottle feeding
  • Starting on solid foods
  • Drinking cows’ milk for the first time
  • Eating acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes and strawberries.

However nappy rash can happen at any time and there may be no obvious reason.

How do you prevent and treat nappy rash?

You can help to prevent your baby getting nappy rash by following a few simple steps:

  • Change your baby’s nappy as soon as you can when it becomes wet or soiled
  • Carefully wash the nappy area with warm water and cotton wool, gently patting dry, or use a fragrance-free and alcohol-free baby wipe.
  • Just letting their skin breathe can work wonders. So whenever possible, leave their nappy off for an hour or so.
  • Try to change your baby’s nappy before putting him or her down to sleep.

You can help alleviate nappy rash by using Sudocrem at every nappy change!

Sudocrem is an emollient soothing cream which has been used by mums and dads globally for the past 80 years to aid and assist in the management of nappy rash!

Sudocrem has so many uses, not just for nappy rash! It can be used to treat minor skin disorders such as: Eczema, dermatitis, wounds, rough skin, chapped hands, bruising, abrasions, scratches and cuts.

It is gentle but effective, it won’t sting on application!


This blog post is sponsored by Nice Pak

Sudocrem is available in four sizes of tub plus a 30g tube, ideal for the nappy bag, holidays or family outings. To find out more visit

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