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Stuck on Auto-pilot?

babybrainhumour-drivingIt seems almost every mum you speak to has a baby brain story or two to share which involves an automobile of some description. I am one of those mums.

I remember during my third trimester heading off from work on a Friday night a bit early in an attempt to beat the rush hour traffic. So I waddled off to my car park, smugly thinking how I would have a pleasantly short trip home for a Friday, but when I got to my car park I opened the gates only to find my car wasn’t there. I went instantly into panic mode “Oh my God my car’s been stolen! What am I going to do?!” When my brain had stopped swirling with panic I thought to myself “hang on Andrea, did you actually park here today?”  A sheepish voice in my head replied “ahhh I remember now, I parked near work knowing that I wanted to get away from work early”. My aching feet and sore hip were not impressed with the waddle to the car which was all the way back to work and  then the same distance again. Needless to say I was not home early…

One thing I now remember to do when parking in an unfamiliar place, is to locate myself on Google maps and take note.  Unfortunately I then failed to implement this extremely useful tip just the other day…  I was having lunch with some girlfriends and after lunch set off to my car. After a few turns I admitted defeat that I had absolutely no clue of how to return to my car. My mistake was to set off on a different street rather than retracing my steps. So I trudged back towards the cafe. Unfortunately my unfortunate baby brain mishap was enjoyed by members of the lunch party who caught sight of me returning and thought it hilarious. Glad I could provide some entertainment.

It would seem that if we’re not forgetting where we parked our car, we are either forgetting where the keys are, leaving our possessions on the exterior as we whiz across town, forgetting to pick up our passengers, or asking our passengers to disembark the vehicle when they may not even be with us. Hmm read on and you will see what I mean. Below are a few great stories shared by members of our Baby Brain Humour Facebook community.  And as a fellow mum always says to me “You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!”

Brenna, shared a great baby brain moment. “I picked up a pram I had bought, put my purse on the boot while I put my toddler in his car seat, got in the car and drove across town, over an overpass bridge over to the supermarket, pull up and think ‘where is my purse?’ Then someone pulls up next to me and toots, yells out the window that my purse is on my boot!! I drove all that way and it didn’t fall off!! Could not believe how lucky I was!!!”  Lucky indeed.

And then there was Melissa who had forgotten a passenger. “On a Wednesday ‘Miss 5’ has swimming after school. Before I left to go get her, I packed up her swimming clothes and my baby in the car then headed off. I had driven almost the entire way to the swim school (20 minutes away) before I realised that I hadn’t picked my daughter up from school yet! I was upset with myself but then I realised the best way to deal with it was to tell my friends and laugh about it instead. Worked a treat”. What’s lovely about this story is that our community is achieving what I set out to do and that is for mums to just have a laugh at the silly baby brain mishaps we all experience.

And lucky last is a hilarious baby brain story from a community member, Liv – who is also expecting her second child in a matter of weeks – congrats Liv! This is an example of autopilot on over drive 🙂 “I’m currently 35 weeks, I caught the bus home after seeing the midwife and picking up groceries. Got to my stop and my 3yo wouldn’t get off the bus… I got quite frustrated and counted to three, was about to go up the back and get him when the bus driver reminded me I didn’t have any kids with me when I got on the bus! So embarrassing!”

So until next week, remember Google maps is your parking friend 😉

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