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Smartphone photography tips for snapping your kids’ moments

Father Holding Baby - Getting Photo TakenIf I compare the number of photos I took of my two kids in their first six months, I have a LOT more of my firstborn. No big surprises there.

Apparently it’s a well-documented phenomenon and this safety in numbers makes me feel a lot less guilty.

But after my youngest turned two the number of photos I took of him rapidly increased in number. I was still running around after two young children, I still never remembered to get my camera out of its case and my photography skills were still very average BUT I was now the proud owner of a new, shiny smartphone.

Having a ‘camera’ nearly always to hand in your back pocket or bag means that parents are capturing more moments than ever.

Here are five tips I’ve learned along the way on how to make the most of your smartphone’s camera and capture memories that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Tips for photographing your children with your smart phone:

1. Forget you have a flash

I’ve yet to take a decent photo on my phone using the flash. Without fail, I’m left with a serious case of red-eye and I have a trash bin full of pictures of my kids looking possessed.

Good photography is all about the light and the best time for taking photos is at dawn and dusk. If you’re up bright and early with your little one, you might as well grab a beautiful sunrise while you’re at it.

2. Crop, don’t zoom

When you zoom, your phone starts adding in pixels itself based on its best guess of what colours should fill the gaps and this will often result in a fuzzy, pixelated image.

Cropping an image instead will mean your image is sharper and you can always enhance it with editing tools.

3. Keep your lens clean

I think it is because I can’t see a lens zooming in and out on my phone, but I tend to forget I actually have one until I see a weird haze on all of my images and it dawns on me that my lens might need a little TLC.

Give your lens a regular wipe with a lens cloth, or splash out on some sense cleaner to give your phone a real treat.

4. Capture the everyday moments

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get my SLR out more often. It’s now April and it hasn’t been out of its case once.

The beauty of my phone fitting in my back pocket means that it is normally on hand to capture the small, everyday photos that I know I’ll want to remember.

I read something once that our brains don’t retain unremarkable information and it gets filtered out to make way for remarkable memories. I don’t know how true this is, but I do know that I want to remember all of the tiny details of my kids growing up.

Making the time to take a photo a day means I’ll have a record of the big and the little moments to treasure forever.

5. Keep your finger on the button

When it comes to taking photos of kids, the more the better. The more photos you take, the better your chance of getting a goodie.

Even better, for iPhone users, ‘Infinite Burst’ is an actual thing that is activated by literally keeping your finger on the shutter button. When you’re finished ‘bursting’, a photo stack will appear in your photos, with the best photo automatically appearing at the top of the stack.

By tapping ‘Select’ in the album, you can scroll through and choose more than one favourite and your phone will kindly delete the rest.

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5 comments so far -

  1. A great photo editing tip. Go to Instagram: upload your pic, use the auto-edit button, then go to sharpen and increase by at least 75, then go to vingette and go to 100, upload the pic to Instagram, then delete it (if you’d like), and it stays saved in your phone!

    I then upload a lot of my adorbs fam within the Costco photo app for great pics to put up around our home!

  2. Also a great tip to get more shots in focus because kids never sit still. Take a video and whilst it is running many phones allow you to take still photos at the same time. So grab a few stills for the best moments to match the video.

  3. a good tip is to take a video then go back later and pause throughout it to take screen shots. you get a video and some great ‘action’ shots!



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