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Sleepy times

toddler sleepingI think it’s happening.

The thing that most mums dread.

The thing most mums want to hang onto just that little bit longer … or until the kids are about 18. It’s the only thing that lets mums do some housework or have some quiet time every day.

Day time sleeps.

My 23-month-old seems to be fading out of daytime sleeps. She has her daytime sleeps usually at 11:30am/12pm till about 2:30pm. So I could get up o 3 hours of quiet, no-toddler time. That time is usually spent on the computer getting some work done on the blog or faffing about. Other times its frantically cleaning, washing clothes, doing dishes so I can go back to the computer. See a pattern here?

My older children grew out of their daytime naps when they were about two years of age. She will be two in a month’s time and I can see her daytime sleeps getting less. I would put her down in her cot at the right time and I can hear her banging on the wall with her feet. Great!!

I have to come up with something that will make this last. Maybe some music in the room? Maybe tire her out more during the day? All I know is if I leave her be without a sleep she will be one cranky toddler by bedtime.

Bedtime is a different story. I can put her down and leave the room without any problems and she will sleep a full 12 hours at night or more *ducks for cover*.

It’s so important for them to get some sleep during the day or at least a rest time. Some quiet time where they can sit with a book or just sit and cuddle with mum or dad. It’s give their body some time to wind down in the middle of the day. Children should still be getting a “rest” time up until the age of 6.


So what can you do to prolong the day sleep.

  1. When you are at home make sure they are put into the same bed that they are in for their nighttime sleep. Seems simple enough. They will associate this with sleep and are more likely to doze off. If they have a teddy or something to sleep at night give that to them as well. Draw the curtains and have the room as dark as possible. Turn off the TV and radio (if you have the radio on) and make it quiet. Not only great for them but for you too.
    If you’re like me and like to listen to some music while cleaning, invest in some cool headphones. Listen to the music that way off your smartphone. No interruptions to the baby/toddler and you can get your groove on.
  2. Find the best time that they are sleepy. Listen to their cues and work with it. It could be right after lunch or it could be an hour after lunch. Develop a routine around this time with some quiet time leading up to the time before they are put into bed.
  3. If they go to child care make their “at home rest time” routine around the similar time as child care. Ask the child care educators if your child has a sleep or some quiet time. They will be able to tell you if they are easily getting to sleep during the day.
  4. If your child is under 4 years and won’t have a sleep, let them have an hour or two of quiet time. Let them know that little boys and girls all need a little rest time. They can take some books and some quiet toys with them to bed. Turn off the TV, draw the curtains and have a quiet house. They may not sleep but they have had this time to wind down. It’s not the same as sleep but it’s the next best thing.

You never know your luck they may just doze off. Even if its just for 10 minutes. You can put a timer on for an hour or so and then they know when they can get up and have a play.

For now I will keep putting her to bed at the same time. Even if it takes her some time to fall asleep. It saves that little bit of sanity that I do have.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! My three-year-old is just starting to have days without a sleep. He does still have a quiet time though so isn’t too bad. I should probably be grateful that he has gone this long …

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