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Sending your child to a private school just got easier

School children sitting at desks at a private schoolWhen my son was two days old we received a gift from the private school where my partner was employed.

It was an enormous bunch of flowers, a gorgeous teddy bear, a much-welcomed box of chocolates and a large envelope.

In the envelope, to my surprise, was an enrolment form.

He was barely out of my belly and I was already supposed to be thinking about his high school education! Up until then, my only thoughts were about his next feed, my next sleep and whether his name really suited him. I was still struggling with the concept of being a mother to a newborn so imagining him as a teenager was quite out of the question.

Still, that was the reality of securing a place for your child at many private schools. If you didn’t put their name on the waitlist at birth you could have missed out!

But that was before School Places was created – now sending your child to a private school can be managed online in a matter of minutes.

School Places is a new website that displays real-time vacancies at more than 70 of Australia’s leading private schools. And better yet, the vacancies are unexpected last-minute places – which means schools offer a discount to encourage parents to fill them quickly.

So if you’re not on a waitlist or if you’re new to an area then you can still find a place for your child at a private school.

We are all used to the concept of last-minute vacancies – we have been booking flights and accommodation that way for years now. And this is no different.

School Places is the easiest and only way to find and claim a discounted place at one of Australia’s leading private schools.
All you have to do is search for a school in your area and register for alerts. As soon as a vacancy becomes available you receive an email to let you know.

Vacancies are uploaded daily regularly and popular ones are snapped up pretty quickly!

School Places is a way less stressful way to find the right school for your child. It opens up more opportunities and choices for parents who might not have considered a private school due to cost or the perception that they are hard to get into.

At the same time it helps schools to fill vacancies that would otherwise go empty and they can use the additional funds to improve facilities or moderate the rate of school fee increases for all parents at the school.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, my son doesn’t need his spot on that waitlist anymore as we moved away so it will go to another deserving child. And his name does suit him.


This blog post is sponsored by School Places.

School Places is the only way to find and claim a discounted place at one of Australia’s leading private schools. Visit

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