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Review: Rubik’s is back for the next generation

Talkin' ToysSome games are so good that they never go out of style – and that’s definitely true of the Rubik’s cube. More than 40 years after this iconic combination puzzle was invented, it’s still just as popular as ever and the best selling toy in the world.

But while the original 3×3 version might be a bit tricky for little ones, there is a whole range of terrific Rubik’s products on offer from Goliath that will test their problem-solving skills and keep children entertained for hours.

The very sweet Rubik’s Bear and Rubik’s Junior Rabbit are both excellent starter options for kids aged four years and up. Easier to solve than the classic cube, these easy-to-grip 3D training cubes are simple to solve and perfect for little fingers, not to mention incredibly cute.

The 2×2 Junior Cube is good for slightly older children, and an ideal entry-level option to help develop the skills needed to eventually solve the bigger versions when they get older and are ready to try the original 3×3 version, or are even brave enough to try the more challenging 4×4 or even 5×5 options.

For kids around eight years old and above, there are some fun twists on the cube that will keep them busy. The Rubik’s Tower, which is four squares up and two across, is a cool variation as is the Rubik’s Triamid that has a triangular shape and requires players to tap into their STEM skills to figure out which blocks are corners and which are edges in order to achieve ultimate puzzle success.

Check out the Rubik’s range in this review from Talkin’ Kids …

All of these toys are brilliant options for a bit of quiet entertainment because they are totally portable, have no loose parts or batteries, and can be played by just one person, making them a welcome alternative to screens.

But if you need a game that occupies two kids at once, never fear, Goliath still has you covered.

Rubik’s Race offers all of the problem-solving goodness of the traditional cube options with the added benefits of speed and dexterity testing plus a healthy dose of gentle competition.

Two players go head-to-head on adjoining slide puzzles that get scrambled prior to starting. The first player to slide their tiles into the correct pattern (chosen by the shake of a separate pattern cube) wins.

And watch these boys battle through the Temple of Rubik’s

Simple, classic but, oh, so fun. Rubik’s is ready for the next generation – and they’re going to love it!


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Check out Talkin’ Toys awesome video review of the Rubik’s range in action at

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