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Q&A: Mister Maker (aka Phil Gallagher) on sharp scissors, mess and cricket!

Mister Maker aka Phil Gallagher live on stage in AustraliaSo it turns out that Mister Maker isn’t his real name!

The man with the crooked vest and the ability to make awesome craft in under a minute is actually called Phil Gallagher. He loves his job and he’s a big fan of cricket.

He’s also quite used to being recognised in public and finding glitter down the back of his sofa.

But most importantly he’s heading to Australia this year! We’ve had a chat to Phil ahead of his Aussie tour …

Q. So I’ve just learned that your real first name is Phil and it has me wondering if Mister Maker has a first name. Or is Mister his first name?

A: Ha, good question! And you’re right – first name Mister, second name Maker!


Q. I love that you tell children that scissors are SHARP! You’re obviously very passionate on the subject. Are you speaking from experience? Have you had a run-in with a particularly sharp pair of scissors?

A: Not yet thankfully. It is really rewarding during our live shows when I shout out “Scissors are…” and the answer comes back “SHARP!” from the Mini Makers and grown-ups in the audience.


Q. So what other injuries come with the territory when you’re a master of craft?

A. Not so much injuries, but the minor hazards of the job – like always finding glitter down the back of my sofa, glue on the dining table and paint splatters on my trainers!


Q. My children LOVE your show although I learned quickly that when a child yells “To the Doodle Drawers!” and runs out of the room, you should follow them! Boy, was there a mess that day! Do you make a bit of mess yourself?

A. Making a mess is lots of fun! But of course I always point out that you must help to tidy up afterwards. My Mum always taught me that and it’s an important lesson! I actually even get to say that in our live show too…


Q. Do you often get recognised by children or parents? What do they normally say to you?

A. I do get recognised quite a bit and it is lovely and rewarding to meet our valued audience. The two questions I probably get asked the most are “Where are the Shapes?” and “How did you get out of the TV?”


Q. I think you’ve got an excellent job. What is the best part for you?

A. It sounds a cliche, but being Mister Maker is my dream job. I always wanted to be a children’s television presenter – from an early age – and to be one now on a show that encourages fun and creativity, is a dream come true. I am also passionate about live theatre for children – so to answer your question, being able to travel the world and bring our live show to children and grown ups everywhere is an honour and a privilege. I hope everyone enjoys the show and that they are inspired to go home to sing, dance and make things.


Q. Are you looking forward to visiting Australia. Are Aussie mini-makers an enthusiastic bunch?

A. I simply can’t wait for our tour of Australia. I hope it will be the first of many and that I will get to visit as many towns and cities as possible and explore amazing Australia. Our shows in Sydney this year were so exciting … and a huge part of that was the enthusiastic crowd and fantastic Mini Makers and grown ups that joined us on stage!


Q. What sort of thing do you like to do when you’re not being Mister Maker?

A. I am a huge cricket fan. I got to see a Big Bash clash this year – Sydney vs Sydney! It was a amazing to be there to watch the legend Brett Lee play his last match at the SCG. I also love football. My local team from the UK is Gillingham (in English League One) and I try to watch as many games as I can, home and away.


Mister Maker is coming to Australia in June and July for a live tour taking him to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle & Canberra. Buy tickets for Mister Maker’s Australian Tour.

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