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Q&A: Miguel Maestre on food, family and fussy eaters

Miguel Maestre talks about food and childrenWe know Miguel Maestre as a chef – the king of Spanish cuisine.

We also know him a TV host – one of the stars of The Living Room.

But to one little girl he is a dad – king and star rolled into one!

Here we chat to Miguel about food, family, fussy eaters and Frozen!

I think many of you will take heart in the fact that even a top chef comes up against the fussy eating habits of toddlers!

Q. I’m not a bad cook but my kids frequently turn up their noses at dinnertime. Is this an issue even for a top chef?
Every day, every meal we have the same problem but the secret I have found and that is working is “getting them involved”.


Q. What is your favourite meal to cook for your little girl?
Freshly made pasta especially when she is helping as she can help pass the pasta through the machine.


Q. How do you think we can encourage a healthy attitude to food in our children?
Variety, fun, freshness and get them involved in the process of shopping, cooking and sharing it with you.


Q. What are some of your favourite memories of your own childhood?
My mum and dad cooking paella for us. Dad would prepare the seafood and mum would cook it then we would all sit down together and eat it. Delicious and so much fun.


Q. What’s your best tip for new parents?
Keep it simple and don’t stress if they don’t eat it. Try and buy less prepackaged food as possible – I know it’s easier but your kids will enjoy fresh produce better.


Q. What has been your biggest challenge in parenthood so far?
I don’t know where to start or don’t know where to finish! Hahahah! Every day is a challenge but most probably the most rewarding and best challenge I have had in my life.


Q. What does your little one at the moment do that makes you laugh?
She is learning to go to the toilet and always comes to talk to me about it after in the funniest way. She likes to close the door for privacy which is gorgeous and hilarious.


Q.Do you ever watch Dora the Explorer? Do you answer her questions or just sit in awkward silence while she stares at you?
No, we don’t watch Dora but she loves the movie Frozen, which I have watched with her hundreds of times. I read her lots of Spanish books instead that she loves.



You can learn Miguel’s secret to the perfect paella at his masterclass at the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show (October 17-19). Visit

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