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Protect your postpartum body with SRC Activate Leggings

Woman walking carrying baby wearing exercise clothesPregnancy is a privilege but it’s also really hard work.

Honestly, I found pregnancy tough. Who doesn’t? The happy hormones can be pretty good but as athlete and an independent person, I found having to share my body and ‘slow down’ pretty challenging. Almost as challenging reclaiming my body after the birth.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a bit of help with SRC Activate Leggings.

The usual loss of fitness and bit of extra weight after my second pregnancy was expected but even my organs didn’t feel as if they were as firmly in place as they had been pre-baby! (This statement has horrified my non-mummy friends).

The SRC leggings make me feel so supported. It’s like I have my core strength back and a reminder to use my core muscles. I am so much more comfortable wearing them, whether I’m pushing the pram, exercising for some ‘alone time’ or just lounging around. When I put on the recovery shorts, the pressure is immediately lifted off of my lower back and I start to feel more like my fit self.

The medically designed panels reinforce exactly where my body needs the support most. My lower abdominals, my body and my pelvis are all benefiting; immediately and long term. It wasn’t until I started wearing the SRC leggings that I felt some tone around my waist. The medical-grade compression is designed to promote tissue healing.

I started back rollerskating just weeks after the birth of my daughter with mixed success. My pelvic floor wasn’t ready for much running that early, but the leggings have definitely helped. I want to regain my strength and stamina and provide my kids with a healthy, athletic role model. I want the girls to grow up knowing I can take care of them and myself. The leggings are enabling me to do this sooner. I had a hit a fitness plateau after a few weeks that SRC has ramped up again.

The SRC Activate Leggings go just below my knees and just above my mummy-tummy. Firm, comfortable and sleek. The fabric is flexible and not restrictive but smooths out my bumpy bits. My bum looks great! I feel so much more confident in how I look and what kind of physical activity my body is ready to get back into. My joints don’t feel floppy. The stability is a huge difference. The leggings make me feel stronger (like a sheath of extra muscle, only not gross).

I love team sports. Sitting on the bench during netball and roller derby was frustrating. I was raring to go, throwing myself back into team trainings and playing before my body had really recovered. The SRC leggings have helped my body catch up with my brain. I’ve had more than one teammate suddenly say I’m looking a lot fitter. And I’m feeling a lot fitter. The leggings help support good quality movement and exercise.

Mine is a body made for moving. I just wish I had discovered my SRC Activate Leggings earlier! They are helping be the mother and athlete I want to be: motivated and moving forward.

I’m ready to feel like myself, again. Are you?

– by Adrienne Buckingham


This blog post is sponsored by SRC Health

PROTECTION, PREVENTION AND PERFORMANCE. Protection of your pelvic, core and leg muscles during and after activity is vital to injury prevention so you can perform at your best for longer. SRC fabric technology provides sustained continuous, gentle compression to your muscles. SRC patented anatomic support panel construction provides; exceptional fit without restriction, maximum support and improved oxygen delivery during and post exercise. SRC dual layer cross compression panels efficiently provide sustained compression.

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