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20 party bag fillers – that aren’t lollies!

partybagfillersAfter every birthday party, it seems that the kids won’t ever settle down, and as soon as they’re home, it’s a party all over again.

You start thinking, “Why won’t you just fall asleep? You’ve been running around all day!” Then it hits you: they’ve come away with a bag full of lollies, chocolate, and this one bag will keep you in stock for sugar for weeks, and they kids have proceeded to eat it all at once.

A lot of parents are opting for more practical (and sugarless) fillers for their party bags, so here are some that I found in our forum.

  • Bubbles – a little bottle that will run out eventually, but not before a healthy amount of fun is had
  • Silly straws – they make every drink a fun one
  • Themed toys – if you have a theme for your kid’s party, get themed toys
  • Matchbox cars – fun for every child
  • Small cases of face paint – continue the party without the sugar-rush
  • Book with bookmark – like Mr Men or something similar
  • Water balloons and normal balloons – you can stash them away for your own party
  • Homemade biscuits/cookies – healthy ones, of course
  • Novelty cup/mug
  • Glow sticks
  • Mini play dough tubs – no one has too much play dough
  • Cool erasers, pencils, crayons, or colour pencils – very useful
  • Lip-gloss or nail polish
  • Hair clips
  • Mini notebook – goes well with the pencils and erasers
  • Yoyos
  • Bouncy balls – even I could play with one of these for hours
  • Stickers – a great idea, provided you supervise where they end up
  • Slinkies – an age-old favourite
  • Marbles

So instead of filling party bags with lollies, chocolate, and sprinkling a little sugar on top, try some of these suggestions.

A combination of any of these will be great for kids – and you can modify to please the specific kids at your party and whatever theme your child likes.

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  1. Having made about 3000 party bags I use
    Chinese Finger Trap
    Fortune Telling Fish
    Plastic Jumping Frog
    Mystery Dollar Bill – Teaches 5 magic tricks
    Fridge magnet



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