Tips for descriptive writing

When writing, you need to use words to describe the images in your head. Good description helps to draw in the reader and helps to make the story more exciting - here are some tips for writing descriptions.


Manners apply to Facebook and there are some boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

Schedule it!

There are many reasons that couples lose intimacy in their relationship. One of the biggest contributing factors though, is that life just throws up other priorities - so schedule it.

Who’s afraid of the big bad needle?

A new needleless syringe that gets the contents into your body without sticking you where it hurts – the Biojector 2000 from Meditrend and Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. (it even sounds futuristic, but apparently the US military has been using this technology for years).

When sex is a bad idea

I am very pro sex. I know it has amazing health benefits. I know it can elevate your mood and boost your energy levels. And I know it’s an important part of a long and happy relationship. But I don’t always think it’s a good idea.

7 tips for toilet training success

While the thought of toilet training may be daunting, it certainly doesn’t have to be scary or difficult while you're doing it. Here are some tips we’ve found that will help you and your child on your journey to toilet training success.

Hideous behaviour: Only a phase?

Hideous is the only word to describe the behaviour my 3 year old daughter has gotten up to lately. I calmly repeat through deep breaths and clenched teeth: It’s only a phase. It’s only a phase. It’s only a phase. Though, my secret fear is that it might be a personality trait.