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5 ways to reduce the drowning risk in wading pools

Inflatable or portable pools are a great way to beat the heat, but without supervision and safe storage they can be a serious drowning risk to young children. Here are some simple ways you can help reduce the risk of a child drowning in an inflatable or portable swimming pool.

Routine ruins relationships!

When we start a family our energy is limited, so we conserve it by not doing the little things that keep a relationship alive. It is not intentional – we simply become comfortable and don't feel the need to make the effort. So here are 3 simple tips to combat the complacency and rekindle the relationship ...

11 tips for those contemplating surrogacy

I've been involved in surrogacy research and education for more than six years and am lucky to have met hundreds of parents, surrogates and professionals throughout Australia, the US, Greece and even Ukraine. Here are my key tips for those contemplating surrogacy as a route to parenthood.