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Parents and children in the kitchen before dinner time

Dear Working Co-Parent …

While I love you and respect you enough to co-parent some small human beings together, there are a few things we need to discuss if we are going to continue to make this part of our working relationship harmonious ...
Tips for people considering surrogacy

11 tips for those contemplating surrogacy

I've been involved in surrogacy research and education for more than six years and am lucky to have met hundreds of parents, surrogates and professionals throughout Australia, the US, Greece and even Ukraine. Here are my key tips for those contemplating surrogacy as a route to parenthood.
A mother breastfeeding her toddler

Breastfeeding a toddler – what you need to know

When your baby isn't so little anymore breastfeeding has a new set of challenges and rewards but, compared to the wealth of information and support available for breastfeeding in the early days, there isn't a great deal out there to help you adjust to this new phase. Here are some tips for breastfeeding beyond 12 months ...