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Meditation for mum and the kids!

Whether for yourself or your children – or better yet both – continue to persist with meditation. The power it has to help you manage stress and be the person and parent you want to be is truly amazing. So don’t be like I was and view meditation for either yourself or your children as Mission: Impossible. It is very possible. In fact, it will possibly be the healthiest habit you teach them that will remain in their emotional tool-belt for life.

Who is starting school in 2013?

This post is for parents of children starting school in 2013. I’d like to help parents as they make their way towards the world of school with their children for the very first time.

Tips for single parents

Being a single parent can be one of the hardest things to tackle. You now have so many issues to face and you are to face them alone. You begin to doubt your ability as a parent, whether it is the right thing for your child, how you will survive not only financially but also emotionally.