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Cyber-bullying … what can parents do?

Cyber-bullying is bullying that is carried out via the internet or mobile phone technology. Cyber-bulling can take the form of: insulting or threatening text messages, publishing embarrassing or private information online and creating hate sites or online campaigns of exclusion.

Can sex make him do the vacuuming?

Women need to feel loved and supported in order to want sex. Men often need sex to feel loved and supported. Lack of help around the house is often cited as a major reason women don’t want sex. They don’t feel supported and sex just feels like one more chore.

Saying goodbye

He taught my husband how to love your wife, no matter what. I am so grateful for that. He taught him how to be a wonderful father and my boys have reaped the benefit of those lessons.

“I don’t care if I never have sex again!”

Here are Seven Reasons to Make Sex an Important Part of your Day... or week as the case may be! Sex has emotional and psychological benefits: Sex causes the releases of feel-good hormones and endorphins (incidentally the same hormones you release breastfeeding).

Are you inadvertently force-feeding your kids?

A newborn infant feeds when he/she is hungry and takes the exact amount of breastmilk or formula that she needs to feel full and satisfied. This ability doesn't disappear when we start solids or even when we become toddlers. However it is something that can be overridden or diminished.