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7 Simple Life Hacks

Life hacks are things you can do that make life so much easier. Here are just a few life hacks that could make your day-to-day experience just a little simpler.

Postnatal depression: “We got through it”

Much of what I write below is done with the benefit of hindsight. As we lived through each experience, we were often too immersed to take time out and analyse what was going on – we lived for each day, moment by moment.

Why six is the best age … so far!

You can be caring without being told to be, you can do special things for people which you thought up all by yourself, you can be the one to cheer me up when I’m not feeling cheery, you can be my bestest friend in the whole world every day.

The school Father’s Day Stall

My wish is that the Father's Day stall at your children's school (or pre-school) raises much-needed funds for resources for the children and that no child feels 'left out' at school (or pre-school) when it's time for Father's Day Stall.