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Saying ‘NO’ to sex

It’s a problem we’re probably all familiar with: one partner wants sex more than the other, which leads to tension and arguments. He might not hint at wanting sex with a whole lot of tact these days.

Apparently, I had whooping cough

The day I found out I had whooping cough I felt sick. I wasn’t just sick from the horrible disease that was stopping me breathing, I was sick with guilt as I looked down at my 2-week-old son and his two young brothers. What had I done, had I unknowingly infected my whole family?

10 tips for family-friendly renovating

As a family with kids, many of our renovating decisions have been influenced by practical issues. If you’re planning a renovation and have children in the house, these are some of the things you might want to consider.

What is Birth Trauma?

There are many different things that can happen during a birth that a mother may find traumatic. These can range from dangerous complications for mother or baby, to wishes or a birth plan not being adhered to. This is called birth trauma.