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Pregnant with baby number two at age 42

Baby number 2 at age 42

It was never in my life plan to have a baby at 42. It wasn't until my son was around 6 years old and I was having morning coffee with fellow school mums with their toddlers that I began to think, 'should we have another?' ...
New mother asking questions about her baby on the Bub Hub forum

7 reasons to join the Bub Hub forum community

Asking for help, venting your frustrations or chatting to a friend can ease your stress. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of realising you're not alone! But it's not always easy to connect and that’s probably why the Bub Hub forum is such a popular part of our site.
Young child helps their mother with washing the laundry

But why should children help with the washing?

Why is it important that children assist with the clothes washing? Firstly, it is an activity that needs to be done. So there is no adding to a parents' already busy day. Secondly, there's an abundance of skills that can be learned when helping with the washing.